3 crazy habits of bored creatives

Someone once said that boredom is the source of invention. We don’t know about that, but bored creatives are most definitely a source of smiles. Observing them in a situation where they are doing things directly related to boredom is highly amusing. Here’s what they do;

  • If the people with which time is spent are a little, well, un-fun, then creatives always happen to have some really unexpected questions to ask, or comments to deliver. In order to create any kind of discussion, excitement, anything really. And they are persistent too.
  • If the environment in which they are is perceived as boring (as a vacation with only beaches and hotels all over the place), they will soon turn into sand architects. The creations that will appear on those beaches are something that they would have never done “if this place wasn’t so boring”. This is often combined with a hopeless 30-minute-staring at the sea, observing the waves as they hit the shores. Thoroughly observing them, like the world depends on that particular observation.
  • If the food is boring, repetitive, eating the same foods at the same time in the same combination, day in and day out – this will not last long with a creative. They will start inventing new kinds of combinations, or looks, or designs – in order to do the absolutely best they can to cheer up the dull situation a bit. Anything that can bring about a little variation is welcomed, even though it might include supergluing carrots to cucumber slices, with chocolate sauce. Anything for creativity.

As you can see, these three crazy habits are connected to pretty frequent situations in life. This means that you have probably been a participant in one of them yourself, or maybe even played the main role as the creative individual. In any way, they all present a great framework for laughs and new, sometimes slightly weird ideas.

Have you had any experience with these 3 crazy habits?

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