5 TED Talks you should watch to make your Friday AWESOME!

There are indeed a lot of creative people out there, who are dedicating their lives to innovate, think, reason and bring forth awesome new knowledge and insight to people worldwide. So are we, and we’ve selected a few of the many amazing creative minds and their TED Talks for you to enjoy this Friday (or any other day, really). Sit back, relax, and get into this fantastic world of possibilities and creativity.

Now, our world today is quite filled with a lot of negative influences, suggesting to people that violence and extremism is the only option for them. Imagine your own father telling you and showing you that this is the way to go….. Well, Zak Ebrahim’s story is one such story, and he speaks honestly and openly about how he dealt with his upbringing and things that happened. He nuances the rhetoric of blaming everyone for everything, without freeing the guilty one from blame – but also by showing that the power of individual values and reasoning can change the world. Human by human.

Now, in this next TED video, Physicist David Deutsch speaks but our ancestors, their seeking to explain things, to progress, the fantastic part of learning being a process of rejecting “truths” from authority. How is this relevant to Creatives in all fields? We ask this question to then state the obvious – without this preference of ours, there would be no Creatives. There would be no progressive professionals making this world a better place, no internet, no fantastic online magazines 😉 etc. Watch this video and understand how amazing you are, how much potential you have and how valuable you are to this world.

Sir Ken Robinson is probably the most well-known speaker for promoting creativity in schools. He speaks with conviction, his thoughts and arguments stated clearly and based on evidence. His urge for schools to understand the importance of creativity is yet another confirmation on why allowing variety in expression and creative thinking is so very important. It is important to all of us, regardless of where we live, our dreams, hopes and wishes for the future. If you listen to what this creative genius is saying, you will most definitely also understand the importance of your own creativity, why you should let it work and why that would make you happy, as in the real kind of happy.

Wouldn’t it be nice to grow new brain cells? Wouldn’t that open up the door for a lot of awesome new opportunities, optimizing creative skills and maybe even promote some new ones? This field of neuroscience is rather young, yet quite fascinating with all its potential. Although Sandrine Thuret says that there are a lot of questions left to research, scientist do know a lot about the process of growing new neurons. And you could never have too many new neurons. Watch this and get down to business.

The final video we would like to recommend is about everyday leadership. Yes, there are tons of articles available online on how to be the best leader in the world, what to do, how to think etc. However, this talk is about the kind of leadership that every single person on this planet is using, and staying aware of this process is highly useful in realizing the awesome potential of that fact. Drew Dudley’s short talk gives you that insight, straight on, an eye opener which should bring you an extra dose of confidence. Reflect on your actions, the small ones, and see how much awesome impact you’ve had on people. And watch this video too, it’s well invested 6 minutes.

Creatives, you are fantastic, beautiful and changing the world by doing all the great things that you do. Big ones and small ones – all are very important and equally valued. We’d sign that paper right away.

Happy Friday!

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