6 ways to spreading happiness with creativity to your loved ones – Food style

Isn’t it extra fun when you know that your actions have created that happiness?

Isn’t seeing the people you love being happy one of the best feelings in the world? Isn’t it extra fun when you know that your actions have created that happiness? We have the answer for how that can be done and in this series of articles we will present it to you. First up is how you can cheer up people around you in a food context:

  1. If going out to a restaurant – make sure to do everything you can to make the waitress smile and/or laugh. Say a fun joke, do something fun, just be yourself (works for us!) or ask a really unexpected question. In this way, you’re not only cheering them up, but also your company at the restaurant. It’s a win-win for laughs!
  2. In the evening, when you want something sweet and tasty, but still wish to stay somewhat healthy – make a fruit salad with whipped cream. Turn that into a creative artwork as well, by slicing the fruit in different shapes, and pouring it all in a nice glass (wine glass maybe? Or shaken-not-stirred glass?) or small bowls. Beautiful, fun, tasty and healthy.
  3. When making coffee, add a small note to it – it could be a quote on wisdom or happiness or a personal one-sentence-happiness from you. The funniest by far are those dumb things people tend to say sometimes (and if you and your loved ones are like us here at Creativeroom4talk, you will have plenty of material to use)
  4. Creative awareness. When having a meal together, make sure that you note how tasty it is, enjoy it to the fullest – people around you notice it and they automatically get affected (some psychologist could tell you the details)
  5. Try a new thing – if you don’t drink tea, try it and make it a ceremony, a time for conversation about beautiful things with your loved ones. Make sure that you serve it in beautiful tea cups, create an environment of “plain happy”, add some milk and maybe even some seasoning (cinnamon is a great choice) and just enjoy your time together. Taking 20 minutes off of your daily schedule to do this is well invested time, trust us.
  6. Making eggs for breakfast? Slice some veggies too and create a masterpiece on the plate. It could be a nice face, a lovely painting of colors or some form of animal (and if you feel wild and crazy you could try to build a bridge or a house as well)

We have tried them all and the results were many happy faces – we warmly recommend you to try these creative ways of making smiles happen as well.

Have you tried any of these six ways of spreading happiness? Or do you have any other food-related making-happy ideas?


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