6 ways to spreading happiness with creativity to your loved ones – Spring style 

There’s absolutely no doubt that spring has arrived – the sun speaks for itself and we are enjoying it big times.

There’s absolutely no doubt that spring has arrived – the sun speaks for itself and we are enjoying it big times. Last week we did indeed have some outdoor ideas but this time, we’d like to raise the bar a little. Here are our Spring style ideas for spreading happiness with creativity:

  1. Go out and take some spring into your home. Go out for a walk and find some wild flowers and cool branches and take them home, to create some nice arrangements. It could look completely crazy and become a 3D artwork, or, it could be a simple mini bouquet. Whatever you prefer, as long as you have a good time in the process.
  2. Bake a cake together and then go outside to enjoy it. Maybe your neighbor will pass by as well, then you could share the cake and double the happiness. Cupcakes are really good for outdoor eating, but, if you like apple pie – you should make apple pie. Anything goes if you really want it. You can also bring some coffee, that’s a great idea. We should do that too.
  3. Make a big large spring salad with fresh veggies for the whole family and/or friends. This season brings so many opportunities to make good salads, and you can basically come up with completely new ones to try out every single day. Why not starting off this very Tuesday? Cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, some olive oil – pure perfection. And very tasty.
  4. Go to a zoo – you probably think this is only for children. But it’s not. Animals are nice. Make sure though, to go to a zoo where the animals are treated nicely, where they have much space to move and look healthy.
  5. If you spend much time indoors, open up the windows to catch some fresh air and sunlight. Make that a habit. Maybe sit close to the window together with a cup of coffee or tea, enjoying the beauty of the spring while not having to get dressed and walk around. Time-saving, yet pretty amazing.
  6. Take a mini-trip to some nearby city – explore all the beauty that is around you. It’s fun and it doesn’t take much time at all. One day of this new environment will give you three things: an opportunity to spend time with the people you love, it will be energy-boosting and many new ideas will pop up.

As we have moved into week four of this series, we really hope that you’ve had the chance to try out some of our ideas. The best part is – it doesn’t have to be a Tuesday for them to be tried out. So please, go ahead and pick one out – simply give it a shot. It’s fun, we promise!


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