Creativeroom4talk is a new international magazine on communication, international relations and all things creative – redefining what creativity means and broadening the audience for creative, constructive and interesting topics in a world full of, well, other things. We publish interviews with fantastic minds located all over the world, highly skilled within their professional field and with various cultural, creative, religious and political backgrounds. 

We are also publishing a monthly issue on ISSUU, including featured articles by awesome international experts in the field of business, culture and leadership with exclusively written articles for us. This is the only dose you need once a month, for a visual experience and fantastic content. 

With insights in a broad range of professional fields, we are creating a platform for inspiration and constructive thinking in a glocal environment where everyone is welcome. By reaching out to people and sharing thoughts, advice and reasoning on topics we are highlighting the differences in perspectives, as well as the core values making us all human, and human first.

With our interviews, we want to highlight the common mindset of professionals worldwide, regardless of specific professional fields, cultural background, or any other categorizing aspect of human life.

Since March of 2015, we have had the pleasure to share the stories of almost 200 creatives from various parts of the world, creating a huge base of knowledge and inspiration – this is what we will continue to do, evolving and growing together with fantastic creative minds. So far, we have also reached out to readers in 160 countries, co-creating our magazine with worldwide influences from awesome people.

Like anything’s possible. Because it is.
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