Action and drama, believe it or not but they are not the same thing

Reports, violence, conflicts, issues, explosions, hysteria – you’re surrounded by all of that and we’re not even talking about news reports. However, they too influence people and affect their emotional state, often lowering happiness levels and increasing negativity. Being exposed to tragic events on a regular basis probably isn’t the best choice in life, but you know – shit happens and when shit happens, you’ll know about it. Someone will share the news with you, bet on it. But does that mean you should cut off all of the things increase your pulse rate from your life?


They’re all over the place, the philosophers, experts, the chatters, the ones really enjoying excuses in all forms, shapes and sizes. Everyone knows at least one of them. The thing about them is that they, unlike the rest of humanity, don’t really get their source of energy from food and water – but from NAGGING.

As in “a lot”. As in “all the time”.

You know them. It’s the ones who are seeing everything in life as a great opportunity to screw up any moment of happiness or any other great moment.

For some, walking around working to spread negativity into everyone’s life seems like a goal in itself, looking for ways to make your life complicated. Here’s where you don’t even need to ask yourself the question “why?” because it doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is that you kind of, you know, get all of that crap out of your sight ASAP.

What makes this process a little difficult is that these negative attitudes and behaviors and overall spreading of tragic news all over the place is that there’s this mix between action and drama. Often, the negative geniuses are fully convinced that what they do is actually a great thing, a part of their identity of being bad ass, being in tune with the action heroes they portray themselves to be.

You know the type – it’s the reporter dramatizing an event, it’s the one person making a huge problem out of thin air, it’s the relationship you wish you didn’t initiate. Make it a group and you’ve got yourself a big state of perceiving any event as a crisis, an issue, a big problem. Recognize the pattern? There are pretty strong indications of the current state of media reporting to really want to emphasize this part of human behavior and thinking.

You probably have a few great examples to share as well.

The thing about drama is that it’s not even a little possible to make this narrative interesting without adding some action to it. It is precisely this detail that keeps people interested, especially when we’re speaking of stories and storytelling in the news. A long family traditions of conflicts is dead boring unless you add a spicy drama event to it, you know?

Action brings along the adrenaline kick we’re all waiting to get at any time possible, but since action requires activity, it’s far simpler to turn away from that and right into the world of drama, where someone else creates and takes the action – while you wait for the explosion to happen. Selectively picking and choosing when and where to get involved is fairly simple if speaking of family, close friends and professional life. However, if we turn to the news to which we’re all exposed on a daily basis, this is much more difficult.

What traditional news agencies have managed to do is fusing together action and drama, where the audience isn’t really required to ever do anything about anything, but where they will indeed feel both bad and angered about it. Drama and action works beautifully, with the result of bitching in front of the TV about conflicts and issues, getting all that energy up and running and then walking off to regular daily life and responsibilities.

This weird confusion where action becomes synonymous to drama is just a giant piece of shitty reasoning. Not only is its main function to confuse the crap out of everyone searching for one of them but getting the other one, but it also just cuts off the fun parts of life. Nobody is able to distance oneself completely from visual experience and stories told every day, this is just a dumb thing to even try to believe. Looking at the trend of people in developed countries feeling worse about the world, current issues, conflicts and even their own state of being, whilst things aren’t really that bad – that’s a warning signal right there.

Maybe the drama part needs to be lowered down to a little more reasonable level.

People’s perceived state of things affect their behavior and feed this worldview where everything’s impossible and all things having been great way back in time. Which is untrue of course, but this thinking pattern has nothing to do with telling or not telling the truth. It’s only a matter of choices made to give that action a go, but only a little.

Nobody is missing out on the many, many reports on issues, conflicts and crises but far too many people miss out on the good things of life, the statistics showing great progress in health, development and financial fields currently happening in many countries. Likewise when speaking of personal life where these negative influences turn great things into bad relationships and overall negativity. When something’s missing, ignorance and creating drama is what keeps the excuses going. It’s not eternal, but it pretty much covers for taking action on solving problems for quite some time.

These are the things in life which people aren’t quite as attentive towards and many of which they see as a completely normal part of life. It’s not.

You can’t really argue that riding a bike really very fast and having fun as hell while doing it (despite being all things adult) is the same thing as living in a Spanish soap opera? There’s no way of making such a statement legit.

Also, going for reaching your goals in say fitness, isn’t that the most awesome thing ever? When you go to the fitness center all self-aware and insecure, then suddenly deciding not to give one flying F about anything else but your workout, finding your awesome state of sweaty Zen. Is that the same thing as being caught up in a phone call (or even worse, live) where there’s this one person nagging, delivering words like Eminem would do it if he got hit really bad in the head. On drama, on who said what to whom and what happened after that, who liked what on [insert social media platform] and why this is of UNBELIEVABLE importance to you.

And the whole human race, our planet depends on this information. It doesn’t.

While we’re all up in this business, there’s no need to get negative about everything. A little pulse increase is great, everyone loves that and it’s much better when it happens because of action than drama. They aren’t the same thing, hence the two different words. Keep the former and cut the latter and then awesome things will happen. You’ll have so much more time to do things that, you know, you actually enjoy doing. As opposed to getting all involved in infinite bullshit. Whether it be personal relationships, news or any other source of influence – you don’t need that, you need awesomeness. Go get it.

Do you separate drama from action and how’s it working?

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