All things happy

We all have those days when we wake up and feel happy – it’s such a day when everything is a reason to be and feel that way, and often the whole day stays like this. Regardless of all circumstances, that mindset will make the best out of that day – and things will seem to fall in place by themselves.

Imagine a morning in which you notice how sweet the strawberries taste, how nice the coffee smells and how great it is to be you. You breathe deeply, calmly and everything’s just the way it should be. There’s no particular reason for why that happens, no magic trick or routine that is the reason for making days like these happen – because then they would happen a lot more often.

It comes down to the positive mindset. That, and all of the positive consequences such a mindset will follow – good goals, plans and ideas, constructive solutions and practical steps set out in order to make it all happen. Although we have no idea how these days happen, it must have something to do with the overall positive outlook on life. This enables the mind to focus on what’s important and let go of things that are not.

It is when you see someone else smile and when that gives you a big honest smile, that you know that this is such a day – a happy one. It is also one of those days when your own happiness is being reflected onto your surroundings, making people around you response in a much more positive and constructive way when you communicate. It’s that day when you give compliments to people around you, just because you want to do it. And it’s one of those days when you feel like you know all of these great people and that’s what’s needed to make this world a better place together. Great, happy people.

Do you also work to make those genuinely happy days happen more often?

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