Awesome Inspiration Week – Ian S Takahashi

Check this out – this is an article series in which we ask amazing people from all over the world to recommend their best inspirational person to you. We hope that this will help those stuck in the moment, inspire those who need more inspiration and simply be fun to those who would like to know more about other people and their way of thought. Now, get into the world of awesomeness and check out these great suggestions by amazing people.

By Ian S Takahashi

Ian S Takahashi

1) What is your name, what do you do and where do you live?
Ian S Takahashi, Underwater Cinematographer, Los Angeles, CA USA.

2) Who is the one well-known person you think of immediately when considering who has inspired you in your personal or professional life?
Pete Romano, ASC, Underwater Director of Photography, Owner of Hydroflex.

3) What about him caught your attention to the point of working as a source of inspiration?
Mr. Romano, ASC has been a pioneer in the Underwater Cinematography world, besides designing and building the best underwater camera-housing and lighting systems, his work as an Underwater Director of Photography has really pushed that work forward by huge leaps.  When I began scuba diving, and learning to shoot film, Pete Romano, ASC was the biggest name in the game.  My long time mentor Mike Thomas had a fantastic career both above and below water (Thing Red Line, Trueman Show, Cast Away, Iron Man 3, Last Samurai, etc) and I owe him an unmeasurable amount.  The reason I chose Pete for this interview is because of his overall contribution to the Underwater Cinematography world, and I continue to learn, grow, and be inspired to create and push the boundaries, just from being around Mr. Romano’s world.

4) Which video with this awesome dude would you recommend to people all over the world?
This is the Society of Camera Operator’s 2011 Lifetime Achievement Award video for Mr. Romano.

5) Why would you recommend this particular video?
This video shows the incredible lengths we (in general) and Mr. Romano, go to, go get amazing images.  A combination of hard work, talent, and luck come together to make magical moments.  As he says ‘We feel it first’, it is our eye in the camera in those moments, making quick decision and choices that affect the images.

Our industry isn’t an easy one, it’s a mix of art, politics, popularity, insanity, love, frustration, and luck all jumbled together trying to create products that are both financially viable, as well as visually satisfying.  To reach the level of success and respect that Mr. Romano has, is no small achievement.

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