Awesome Inspiration Week – Laura Aimone

Check this out – this is an article series in which we ask amazing people from all over the world to recommend their best inspirational person to you. We hope that this will help those stuck in the moment, inspire those who need more inspiration and simply be fun to those who would like to know more about other people and their way of thought. Now, get into the world of awesomeness and check out these great suggestions by amazing people.

By Laura Aimone

Laura F. Aimone

1) What is your name, profession and where do you currently live?
My name is Laura Aimone, I work as freelancer and I am a cultural events organizer, specializing in cinema (red carpet protocol, talent handling and programming). I live in Venice, Italy.

2) Who is the one well-known person you think of immediately when considering who has inspired you in your personal or professional life?
To be honest, I do not have one specific person as role model. I have always believed in the power of words and of communicating, that is also one of the reasons why I decided to graduate in foreign languages and literatures. I constantly try to connect with those who surround me, finding inspiration at all levels, from a simple conversation at a water bus stop with a stranger to the most profound discussion with a psychologist met by chance in an onsen in Japan.

3) What about them caught your attention to the point of working as a source of inspiration?
No matter what I do, it is imperative for me to do it with passion. One of my goals in life has always been to wake up and be happy to go to work, so I have tried to tailor made my job around my biggest passions. For this reason, my attention is often caught especially by those people who show enthusiasm about what they do and who have that extra zest for life. Being exposed to these kind of people is my main source of inspiration and energy.

4) Which video would you recommend to people all over the world?
The best “videos” for me are the memories left after an enriching experience such as a great trip or a thrilling week at a Film Festival, where the exposure to other people is at its height. It is very difficult to provide people with these “videos”, because we all have our own. I would therefore recommend to people all over the world to get out there and collect them themselves.

5) Why would you recommend this particular video?
A lot of times when we are on the go we tend to be overwhelmed by what we are experiencing. It is amazing to be stimulated by those who surround us, but it is just as important to process all the information quietly, interiorizing what really matters for us… while waiting to set sails again.

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