Awesome Inspiration Week – Samir Calixto

Check this out – this is an article series in which we ask amazing people from all over the world to recommend their best inspirational person to you. We hope that this will help those stuck in the moment, inspire those who need more inspiration and simply be fun to those who would like to know more about other people and their way of thought. Now, get into the world of awesomeness and check out these great suggestions by amazing people.

By Samir Calixto

samir calixto

1) What is your name, what do you do and where do you live?
Samir Calixto, choreographer, from The Hague (The Netherlands).

2) Who is the one well-known person you think of immediately when considering who has inspired you in your personal or professional life?
Osho, a teacher and guru born in India.

“And each individual passing through a rebellion is not fighting with anybody else, but is only fighting with his own darkness. Swords are not needed, bombs are not needed. What is needed is more alertness, more meditativeness, more love, more prayerfulness, more gratitude. Surrounded by all these qualities you are born anew.” – Osho (Editor’s pick)

3) What about him caught your attention to the point of working as a source of inspiration?
Osho has been a heavy in influence in both my work and life due to his incendiary ideas about contemporary life and society. His spiritual teachings go beyond any dogma, and are highly provocative. As an artist, I find relevant to expose those points which suppresses the modern human, to unveil the heavy weight of social, moral and religious conventions still present even in highly ‘evolved’ societies. Osho did that in a very unconventional way, and his teachings find echoes in philosophical teachings ranging from Zen till Western thinkers like Nietzsche.

4) Which video with this dude would you recommend to people all over the world?
It’s called “No Society Wants You To Become Wise” and you can watch it right here.


5) Why would you recommend this particular video?
For all the reasons mentioned above. In this discourse he addresses how often the mind stands on the way of creation/life. Highly valuable if one thinks of the obstacles in a creative process, for instance.

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