Awesome Speakers Week and what you can learn from them: Tony Robbins

This is our special week of awesome professional speakers (among other things) who have achieved worldwide success through determination, a kickass mentality and an awesome attitude in general. Success comes to those who set out goals and then go catch them all. What’s interesting about this is process is how much self-development it actually takes, and here’s where mentors, superheroes and all forms of inspiration comes in. The value of first-hand knowledge, to surround yourself with people who have achieved some of what you yourself would like to achieve – could this be what determines the level of success altogether?

Who is this?
This is the one-and-only Tony Robbins.

What does he do?
He is a motivational speaker, finance guru, author and really nice guy. He has helped hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world, to get a hand on their personal finances, emotions and goals among other things. With his fantastic people skills and awesome analytical skills, this man is now known worldwide. Started off from absolutely nothing, today his net worth reaches up to $480 million dollars and counting.

Here’s a quote:
“The more you can cultivate that sense of wealth, that sense of abundance in you, the more you can feel that sense of joy, the more easy it’s going to be for you financially. ‘Cause you’re not going to be in this scarce, fearful mode. Now, that’s not enough by itself. You know, if you’ve got this big sense of abundance and the wrong mechanics, it can be a disaster, true or false?…..You want to have emotional and psychological strengths because that’s going to carry you through when the mechanics are boring or frustrating, or when things aren’t working out. Your emotion, your psychologies will carry you. It’ll get you to keep doing it.”
Tony Robbins  

What’s the magic about this person?
He knows everyone, that’s it. As you watch any of his videos, you’ll pretty soon figure out that he is talking to you specifically. Why? Because he is that smart, his emotional intelligence levels are bat-shit high. In every talk he has ever given, he is fully present, completely aware of his own thoughts, body language and tone of voice. In any crowd he’s been reaching out to, he creates a fantastic atmosphere, and all of that happens without the Mary-Poppins-Oh Happy-Day-pretending state of happiness. He’s genuine and kind but doesn’t allow anything to cross the truth. The honest kind. This is the magic about him and if you’ve ever been lucky enough to see him IRL, you’ll know what we’re talking about. If not, go check out when he gives his speeches and then be all over those tickets.

Why is this relevant to any creative dude/dudette around the world?
Being a highly skilled motivational speaker really requires a lot from a person. This guy reads many books and scientific research, he’s probably writing a lot as well and most definitely invests time in his own well-being. When creative professionals get all passionate about their work, they do tend to skip other things, you know, like eating, sleeping and so on. This is a no-no, and Mr. Robbins is a living proof. He knows the value of nurturing emotions and the psychological states of mind, and has proven that this is a great way in which to make sure to become happy and stay that way. From his way of expressing this to people, creatives can learn to do so themselves, to actually express how they feel and why, what goals they have and how they plan on reaching them.

Now to the video, check him out: 

Did you enjoy this article? Stay tuned, we’ve got four more to share with you in this awesome week of people who are professional speakers and have achieved extraordinary things.

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