Awesome Young Thinkers Week: Simon Sinek

This is our special week of awesome young thinkers (among other things) who have achieved great success through determination and having an innovative mindset. Understanding the world comes with enthusiasm, will and passion and these attributes must constantly be nurtured. In order to create innovation in whichever professional field and aspect of life, the process itself is far more important than any outcome. What’s interesting about this is process is how much self-development it actually takes, and here’s where mentors, superheroes and all forms of inspiration is crucial. Walk with us and get to know five great young thinkers who have understood all of this.

Who is this?
It’s the Simon Sinek.

What does he do?
He’s an author, a TED Talks speaker, a researcher exploring how leadership styles affect cooperation among people, in all settings. He is extremely passionate about his work and basically works his ass off to bring these ideas on leadership to the world. He’s been featured in several huge magazines and he has been interviewed in a lot of different TV shows. All over the place, he emphasizes authenticity and thinking about important, more human aspects on leadership.

Here’s a quote:
“This is something I think that we all have to be aware of. At the end of the day, human animals are a social animal, and our very survival depends on our ability to form communities, to form cultures. What’s a community? What’s a culture? It’s a group of people with a common set of values and beliefs, right? What’s a country? It’s a group of people with a common set of values and beliefs. What’s a company? It should be a group of people with a common set of values and beliefs. When we’re surrounded by people who believe what we believe, something remarkable happens. Trust emerges. And make no mistake, trust is a feeling, a distinctly human feeling. You know, we all have friends who are total screw-ups yet we trust them, right?

Trust is not a checklist. Simply doing everything you say you’re going to do does not mean people will inherently trust you. It just means you’re reliable. We need trust. Right? We need trust. When we’re surrounded by people who believe what we believe, trust starts to emerge, and we begin to trust them and they begin to trust us. We’re more willing to take risks, we’re more willing to experiment, which requires failure. We’re more willing to explore and go somewhere that no one has ever gone before, with the confidence that if we fail, if we trip over, if we turn our backs, that those within our community, those who we trust and who trust us will look after us while we’re gone, will pick us up when we fall over, will help us when we’re hurt. Our very survival depends on it.”

– Simon Sinek, speaking at the 99% Conference

What’s the magic about this person?
Simon Sinek has a fantastic way of explaining human behavior in a way which reaches into people’s minds and creates instant understanding. He has this ability to emphasize things in life that we all may take for granted, but without which nobody could live. Also, Simon isn’t just talking about these matters to sell anything or to become a celebrity – he is authentic about who he is and he walks the walk. Human interaction is such an important aspect to all people on this planet, and his way of talking about the many times when interaction takes place is great. It’s real. It is accurate, relatable, important.

He’s the kind of person who explains that interaction is a big thing in life, and that it happens in many different ways. Some of those ways are ridiculously idiotic and they happen on all levels in society, messing everything up. Simon uses cases in a great way to explain why these seemingly small behavioral patterns actually are very important.

Why would you give a solid piece of [insert appropriate word] about all of this?
Because human interaction is important. This thing about all people being human beings with a set of emotions and behaviors seems to be forgotten in this madness of superficial focus in whichever aspect, whichever question that might be raised. You should care about this and have a good look at your own life – do you care about your own emotions? How about the ones of other people, people who you don’t necessarily know but who you happen to interact with quite frequently? How about behaviors and the impact that yours has on other people, on society as a whole? How about trust? These are very important things and investing in listening to Simon Sinek’s talks is a way of taking the first step into a nice journey of self-exploration and learning about leadership styles.

Now to the video, check him out: 

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