Being grateful boosts creativity

Think about it – there are so many things to be grateful for here in life and that’s what many people could put much more focus on doing. Often, people go on day by day, without truly realizing how many good things are actually happening – both in their own lives as well as all over the world.

Taking things in life for granted, like having great friends, a fantastic family, a fun job, the opportunity to be creative etc., really makes the true worth of all of these things fade away. Likewise, reasoning on the bigger questions on global innovations and all of the great things which that has led to is also quite important – acknowledge is the first step of understanding something amazing. The next one is to see how that thing has and will impact you and many people around you. Isn’t it absolutely fantastic that we live in a time when people can communicate directly with each other, despite the fact that one of them is in Tokyo and the other on in New York?

Therefore, decide to take a moment and truly reflect on all of the fantastic things in your life, which are worth acknowledging and appreciating. Focus on the smiles in your surrounding which make you smile, the laughs and the crazy ideas which bring you into a state of happy, the conversations with people you admire, the possibility to seek out basically any kind of information and inspiration. Focus on the big things also and you will see how these different points of focus create new ideas – on how to improve something, how to reflect it, how to present it or how to innovate.

This process of reflecting over all of the reasons for which you can smile and be happy, is a great energy-booster as well as a source of new creative inspiration. Suddenly, there’s so much energy and positivity in the air, that anything and everything feels possible. Writing down those ideas and new combinations of creative perspectives at that very moment, might have an amazing impact on the way in which you can contribute to make this world a better place.

Do you take your time to reflect over the many reasons you have for being really happy?

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