Confidence and your creative passion – 3 ways to boost them both!

Have you tried any kind of method to deal with negative thoughts and to boost confidence?

There’s that thing with confidence and creative people. We’re sure that many of you are familiar with the concept – although you have much confidence when doing creative work, and although you are absolutely convinced that your products are quite good, there is this constant questioning or doubt about it all. Will other people appreciate it as much as I do? Is it really that good? Am I just up in the clouds about my capacity? Who else does this type of creative work – are they any better than I?

Do you recognize your thoughts? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there, and some of us still are at some point in life. The good thing is, comparing oneself to others and having doubt is completely normal. It happens to all people and it is acceptable, as long as it doesn’t happen on a daily basis. Also, if these thoughts have so much impact on you, that you constantly walk around and think of whether you are good enough – then that might be a problem.

Having negative thoughts that drag you down, take much from your energy and don’t let you express your creativity fully, is a problem and it often comes down to not paying attention to what is going on in the moment.

Fortunately, we know what to do about it and it’s really simple once you get used to it. Whenever these doubtful thoughts arise, try to stay conscious and understand that they are only thoughts – they have no power, no impact, they don’t make sense. In doing so, these thoughts will just pass in your mind and not leave a trace of doubt. After a couple of times with this conscious practice, you will notice two things: the thoughts appear much less often and they leave less trace every time. This is what is good for both your confidence and being able to further develop your creativity – and we hope that you find this method as useful as we do.

Have you tried any kind of method to deal with negative thoughts and to boost confidence? How did it work out?

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