Creativity, simplicity and making the choice to cut all of the BS from your life

Every creative professional who has ever had the chance to run a creative project, knows very well that it’s all about simplicity. Most projects start off with one idea, then quickly starting to research things into madness, resulting in many more ideas, a billion questions and a serious amount of wasted time. It is those who manage to draw the important points from all of this data, and who decide to go through with that initial idea, who actually make complexity simple. What’s that called in another word? Success.

This week, we’ve had the pleasure to speak with five fantastic creatives from all over the world. The most awesome thing about this opportunity is to be able to see such a variation in stories, perspectives and creativity. We’ve got some quotes for you right here:

There is no such thing. Every project can be great, every project can be shit. You make your own project a dream.”
Armin Vit

I am constantly generating ideas which is fun but also can be distracting and exhausting, because there isn’t enough time in each day to turn them into reality.”
Elaine France

I began creating abstract pastels in response to his non didactic poetry about global climate change and species degradation.”
Jane Shoenfeld

The paradox is that risk is inherently built into the fabric of creativity and innovation. I will argue that without risk, creativity and innovation no longer exist.”
Rodney King

Seriously I think that the most important point in my life occurred when I quit my first job and started my own business.”
Matija Hiti

This week we also had the opportunity to talk about things which makes it difficult for creative people to actually pursue their creativity – bad attitudes and the judging of other people. In line with this is the big issue of age complex many people experience, and from which there are arguments for why not to make anything happy happen in life. Which we all know is plain bullshit and yet another distraction from pursuing goals and dreams.

There are some words to which we’re all exposed on a regular basis and that are most definitely doing their all in order to make a negative, or at least stagnating, impact. Tolerance. We’re here to break that little yet influential word apart completely, and shift its meaning towards a more constructive one.

Everyone knows about the importance of being healthy and living a healthy lifestyle. Yet, there are people out there who aren’t happy about their health and so they manage to get themselves to be healthy for short periods of time only. In short term, this doesn’t pose a big problem but in the long run, this pattern is destructive. This is why it’s important to treat your body right and realize the connecting between body and mind, while having fun.

Did you check out this week’s awesome Friday Video selection? If you did, then you most definitely also checked at least one of the points in our Infographic test on influence and creativity.

For the next week, we’ll be telling you more about the upcoming Creativeroom4talk February ISSUU and which expert we have the pleasure to feature for this awesome number. We’re also going to introduce a pretty great article series as well as a lot of other interesting things! Besides, we’ve got the amazing chance to present another five absolutely fantastic people to you, and there will be quite some critique to come as well, on a broad range of topics.

Stay tuned for all of that, and enjoy your Sunday! 🙂

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