Cross-creative talking – It’s all about talking

How many times did you wish that you had spoken with that person at that meeting, party or other form of gathering, just to get to know a little more about their creative skills? You had so many questions, and so many things you wanted to find out about that person’s job, but you made the choice to refrain from asking anything.

Meeting people from other fields of expertise, differing greatly from your own, is a completely fantastic thing to do in times of need for creative inspiration. The knowledge people with other experience than yours have are very often more than willing to share it with you – all you need to do is to ask the question. Creative minds can be found everywhere and they do fantastic things from which there is so much to learn. Also, having the opportunity to stick around for a couple of stories will leave you with so many ideas of your own, ideas that you might never have had if it wasn’t for this particular encounter.

We all get stuck sometimes, and there’s not one person on this planet who knows everything about everything. Creatives who are in the middle of a project are often so focused on that one specific thing, that when they do get stuck (and we all do that), they are unable to distance themselves from what they are doing. That’s the absolutely most perfect time to stop everything and seek out people who are working within totally different professions and on totally different projects, helping you to gain perspective.

This is cross-creative talking, to seek out creatives and let them tell you about how they do work and solve problems in their field in order to gain ideas on how to pursue yours. Even sharing your own ideas with other creatives can be a great thing to do – many times resulting in a whole new concept evolving out of people with different backgrounds and experience but common visions.

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