Are you the cultural guerrilla warlord spreading hate?

When openness turns into aggressive behavior

In times of mad access to data, information, other people’s lives, their habits, dreams, choices and wishes, there’s a lot of input coming through. Every day, we are attacked by thousands of views on thousands of different matters, and the reaction on this phenomena varies greatly. As in all (statistical) cases, most people are in the middle of the spectrum, meaning having no particular preference in this question. However, then there’s this small other group – WTF is up with all of that?

Are you the cultural guerilla warlord spreading hate

When someone knows it all, don’t argue

In order to understand this phenomenon of cultural guerrillas and their Holy mission to spread the right teaching and nothing but the right teaching so help them Holy [insert name of preference], getting into what it is that they are talking about is a great idea.

Whether it be a matter concerning women and their rights, or children, education, power and politics, dietary choices or environmental issues – they are all over these things in order to make you think the right things.

For that to happen, you first have to realize that the way in which you’ve done anything and everything that doesn’t go in line with these geniuses’ ideas is WRONG, always has been and always will be. If you’ve been eating that cow or pig or chicken and you’re in a conversation with a vegetarian or vegan cultural guerrilla, you’ll pretty soon understand this whole concept.

You’ve been murdering, slaughtering and stuffing on poor living souls your whole life, sinning like there’s no tomorrow. But lucky you, you’ve finally met this one genius warrior of peace to help you understand better. It’s not your fault that you’ve been this dumb your whole life, you’re just a victim of society, that’s all.

Never mind biological arguments for why you might consider to consume some meet, or any other facts. Because facts are only society’s way of programming you into making the wrong choices.


Communication isn’t a great tool if you want to rule the world

Being the case of spreading the right ideas to you because you don’t know better due to the enemy programming you, you might find yourself in a huge pile of you-know-what. This pile consists of everything, every little part of your life, which you up until you found these geniuses did wrong.

You did life wrong.

You may think that you’ve fallen asleep and are now dreaming about a neo-fascist new world order, but no no no – this is just the new, free world we are talking about. Your freedom to listen to the self-proclaimed Holy cultural warriors of all sorts without questioning a word that they say (or you’re on the enemy’s side) is bigger than ever before.

If anything, you should really be thankful for this opportunity.

And no, you shouldn’t be all communicative about it, because at the end of the day, you don’t know what you’re talking about. You should be listening to and following the orders of the learned, the brave, the stinky cultural guerrillas allowing you to be what you are as long as that’s what they want you to be.

These individuals are so passionate in preaching their teachings, it’s like their lives depended on it. Except you know, they don’t.

Passive-aggressive individuals come in all shapes and sizes, not only arguing with you as a regular human being but taking every opportunity to fight each other. If you haven’t seen a vegan guerrilla fighting with a vegetarian one, you haven’t lived.

It’s like suddenly, we’ve got more room for football hooligans, right here in the field of culture, politics and overall society. Since any question is now open for re-framing, you might find yourself in a discussion on whether toilets are really made equally, what chickens think in their cave prisons or how to mediate between your liver and right kidney through smelling flowers and punching yourself in the face three times.


The amount of brainwashing is too damn high – Or is it?

Is that all that we can produce? Really? That’s it? Couldn’t we just go a little further and simply make sure to include these free-to-choose rules of life in the law in every country having these cultural guerrillas as extra special citizens?

Why stop there?

Why not make sure to include these ways of freely thinking and questioning authority and you-name-it, to be a substantial part of how kindergarten teachers should behave towards the kids? Your little girls can’t play with dolls because they are FREE and dolls are SEXIST and so are you if you do anything but agree.

We could also implement it in other institutions, like universities where we simply state one or two days each week, when it’s forbidden to wear any other color but brown. Because all other colors would indicate that you’re very much against internationally agreed upon human rights.

We should also be messing into the corporate world, elegantly forcing restaurants and cafés to serve non-meat, vegan, free-walking choices of coffee EVERY TUESDAY UNTIL INFINITY because of free choice, yet again.

Nothing says freedom like so many indirectly forced rules and regulations.

In order to make sure that people behave equally towards each other, we could also implement a sort of, like, you know, total prohibition of flirting. You’re not allowed to be feminine if you’re a woman because femininity is just another thing the enemy wants you to be.

You weren’t born feminine, you became socially constructed into being feminine. You were feminined (it’s a word now).

In this respect, there should be some sort of free understanding of that if you by any chance see a feminine woman, you’re collectively independently obliged to let her know that what she’s doing is wrong. And that she should stop it immediately.


And you think to yourself, what a wonderful world

Despite things looking a bit, how to say, fucked up right now, there’s always this space in times of change when some people tend to get a bit irrational. Not pointing any fingers, the methodology by which they seek to change the world and the perspectives through which they research it, is a word we are yet to create.

To say it’s brainwashing would be to disrespect the art of brainwashing, but maybe a combination of that along with a big box of fascism. Neo-fascism, of course. The many arguments for this phenomenon to occur in many places all over the world today are happening right in front of people, to them and at them.

Excluding individuals wishing to discuss, dismissing arguments not in line with the new status quo, calling critical minds ugly names and refusing to openly communicate the many, many flaws within the new pattern of thinking.

Being it just one small taste of all of the beauty of this new system of ours, this could escalate pretty quickly and turn into something which history books will describe in a nasty way. Being self-critical is hard, yet it’s what has saved our ass so many times before.

Even more so, not being self-critical has led to total collapse, disasters, huge (ongoing) conflicts and wars. The small group of quasi-intellectual cultural guerrillas, whether politically, ethically, religiously or in any other way motivated, are those in desperate need of a mirror it seems.

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