Dear nationalists, nationalism isn’t the opposite of individualism

This may sound like totally weird, but it’s true – nationalism isn’t like the one given alternative to individualism. It’s not. For whatever reason though, nationalists and especially those who are a little too far off with their heads in their asses (=extremists), KNOW that nationalism is the key to cure individualistic beliefs. Yes, that’s the statement right there, and it’s often accompanied by a nice little selection of historic events to back up why it’s true and why your country is the greatest ever. But how about chilling the F out for a sec, and just think a little?

Dear nationalists

Ideology. Like the sun rises early in the morning on a summer’s day, this little bitch of an influence pops up in its most extreme form during times of change. Always. Every single time.

When all is cool, it’s cool. But when things change, the force awakens and the spirit of not thinking takes a leap forward into society. And they find each other, it’s amazing. The next thing you know, A semi-organized bunch of whiners walk into the political arena and spread these fairly interesting views all over.

Mutating concepts is yet another specialty perfected by these teams of ladies and gentlemen. One second they speak about mass media and political correctness along with corrupt politicians being the reason for why nobody is talking about criminal foreigners – “selective reporting” as it’s called. The next, they report only crimes conducted by people with foreign names or those being immigrants, because “we are the uncensored media channel bringing the truth to the people”. WTF?

The only place where it’s possible to find another bunch of totally brainwashed, contradictory people would be in any other country where extremists hang out. Funny thing though is that the groups that these people oppose and the reason for why they oppose them are often beautifully in line with what they themselves believe in.

Dear nationalists

Have a nice little look at this.

A nationalist will tell you about his people’s war heroes from way back in time. He (let’s call him a he) will then justify all criminal acts made by this hero, attach a bunch of fantastic attributes to him and then transfer these attributes to some sort of genetic addition that only those who share the blood of the whoever who has lived on this geographical spot for generations share. That is, this hero’s legacy is forever with his people.

His people, as in those living where he lived. Add 30-40 other of these stories and you just got yourself a mythology filled with pride, power, wisdom and all other attributes which are really hard to acquire – all included in these chosen people. As definitions of Self always happen in relation to something else, something over there, the bad attributes are automatically applied on all other people.

The best part is that nothing has to make sense. No story actually has to mean anything, it definitely doesn’t have to be backed by any form of historical fact, nor does the imagined attributes have to be acquired – they just magically pop up in people. Some people. The people referred to in those stories.

Because logic.

Taking a deep breath and really trying hard to get into the heads of these people, the next step is naturally to look at people as parts of the group, not as individuals but as parts of a whole. The perfect and only true whole. However cute this is, it means that in their minds, anything pointing out any form of individual thinking is AGAINST OUR NATION AND OUR PEOPLE.

Again, because logic.

No matter that internationalism officially is the opposite to nationalism, in these people’s minds that opposite is the individual, who might as well come from another group far over there, but who is all individual-y and doesn’t want to subscribe to the one and only truth – the nation in all of its nationness.

These ideas pop up during times of change because it’s simply great timing. Any change is a basis for arguing that someone is against your nation and wants to occupy, ruin and destroy it. And that includes killing off your culture. And take your women (let’s just not get into that one, there isn’t enough internet).

Thus, there’s no way in hell you could ever meet this type of thinking with knowledge, as it’s not part of their worldview to consider knowledge as a legit basis from which to draw conclusions. You’ve got all those pretty stories from which to do that, obviously.

Summarizing it all – any criminal man being very individualistic is going to become the very ideal of a group of people hating individualism and seeing it as the opposite of nationalism. This is then combined with hating other people committing criminal acts here and there, all of which is argued to happen because of their country of origin. All people who are supposed to be part of that group but don’t want to be that are going to be labeled as naïve, brainwashed or self-hating, all while still referring to that old war criminal as a role model.

Oh. Globalization is bad, although it’s nice to travel and eat new foods. Everything is a conspiracy and all changes are happening to the nation because someone over there really wants to ruin all that beauty and special specialness that this particular country possesses. Internationalism is nothing, all those bad things are put into the word “individualistic”. Because words are difficult.

Temporal and spatial coherence is, eh, not important either. What’s selective and biased depends on who’s talking. The starting point of anything is given, but it can change – excluding facts is a must and then completely neglecting all of that from ever having happened is the way to go.

Because logic, because nationalism.

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