How far from extremism are you, if you have a good look at yourself?

It’s fully possible to argue that very few people are extremists if the ideal extremist is Hitler. However, that’s not how extremism works and closing your eyes in order to avoid admitting that extremist views are growing in many places around the world is to be an ignoramus. Are you one of those and what consequences could that lead to in today’s somewhat tense climate in terms of basically anything?

Imagine a world where nobody declared anything, ever – what a giant piece of boring turd this planet would be. Luckily, we all live in a place where opinions flow like STDs on a summer festival, making it all more exotic to exist, to interact and to observe communication of various forms.

Opinions and statements come in many different shapes and sizes – some which include actual knowledge and reason, and then those other ones. The latter to which most opinions and statements could actually subscribe – being emotional, passionate, including fully blown imaginary facts and numbers to support whatever madness being convenient at the given moment.

Seems legit.

Now, as a relaxing choice of entertainment, it is indeed fun to shout out all sorts of mad things without thinking much. Because it’s fun, no further arguments needed. However, in international relations and other political fields – that’s not a genius idea.

Since various international fora seem to have become bored with being serious about things, they’ve fallen into a state of insanity in which (by natural patterns of thought) not much of value could be produced.

Take the migration issue – The discussions popping up, the opinions thrown up all over, the mad statements spilled out – WTF is that all about?



You’re not necessarily an extremist, but do carry extreme spots

Yes, it’s the word describing a holding of extreme views in whichever aspect.

There’s probably one or two questions which you might be asked, answering with a pissed off tone and wondering how someone could even come up with such a dumbass question. The most giving fields to dig into are all concerned with culture and politics – now, imagine asking a Nazi whether he would be happy if his kids were Jewish.

Or, if you ask a neo-liberal whether she would love it if the international trade is totally shut off, and instead, we just go back to the good old days of imperialism.

Let’s just say you wouldn’t make friends. Now, if you go on and accuse them of being extremist, you’ll get this outrage reaction of madness explaining to you why that’s not the case. Which doesn’t make sense, but hey – do they ever?

The point is, we all have extreme spots in our mind and this doesn’t imply that we become fully radicalized and go bananas with our views and action. It just means that under the right external circumstances, we all might get on the radicalization train and POOF right into full-blown extremism.


A “how extreme you are”-list for you to get to know yourself better

Have a peek-a-boo at this list below and determine where you are in your own mind:

  1. I love all things, all people, we’re all free and Buddha is my spirit animal.
  2. I love all things, most people, we should all be free and some of us might not allow that to happen.
  3. People and things are great, but freedom for all would really erase the very idea about freedom.
  4. Some freedom for some people is OK, and things? Those who can buy them should have them.
  5. Low wages is actually a great way of helping people over there. They shouldn’t all be here.
  6. Our borders can’t be open and uncontrolled, we better find other ways to help people far away.
  7. They should go help their own country and people, not live on what our parents have built.
  8. Traveling’s all nice, but I don’t like pizza as much as I like my country. They should go back home.
  9. Our culture is far more evolved, we simply can’t and shouldn’t live together with undeveloped people.
  10. I’m bat-shit insane, man! We should go back to concentration camps and slavery.

Admitting things can be hard, especially in times of polarization and overall extremism. Putting it mildly though, it’s as though some parts of the world have been exposed to the moron virus infecting everyone with dumbass reasoning and neo-politically correct extremist tendencies.


No, being an extreme asshole isn’t covered by free speech, you still need substance

Sure, extremists are fully free to speak up and share their views, theories and ideological teachings with anyone who is interested. However, this doesn’t mean that imbecilic ideas, screamed out (or written down angrily in forums online) is going to in any way legitimize the existence of those views.

Nor does it imply that only because they may be against something which is fully reasonable to be against, their own ideas suddenly become these God-given concepts of the one true knowledge.

There’s far too much shit happening to make a review here, but the very common aspects groups (of any kind) with an extreme worldview share, really puts them in the same group. Extreme spots are OK since we’ve all got them, but being aware of them is important to avoid radicalization in times of change.


Extremism and the day after tomorrow

For some people that’s a Tuesday, and for others it’s the time ahead with a lot of negative influence where so many big, bad things happen – it becomes fully legit to get all radicalized. This is simply a lack of understanding, which in times of change may lead to what we currently see around the world.

The necessity of getting off the drama and walk into conversations with an open mind can’t be stressed enough here. It shouldn’t be about deciding who is extreme and who isn’t, but why there is a group of people who are susceptible to radicalization. What are the aspects of that piece of crap and how is it used by leadership figures in leading people away from sanity and into the opposite?

It’s not just terrorism, folks. We’ve got radicalization in far more fields than that one. Don’t pick out an ass and focus all efforts on it – see as many as possible and focus on the aspect behind them.

Nice and easy now.

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