Friday Video Pick – The awesome Tony Robbins on changing your mindset

Awesome video picks for expanding your mind

The 28th Friday in our Friday Videos series has finally arrived, and this time we have picked out an awesome video for you to have a look at, we’re pretty sure you’ll like it. Join us in watching this fantastic man sharing his ideas and dive into interesting discussions with family and friends. That’s the first step of making this planet awesome, are you with us?

You might know the main character in this video. He’s pretty awesome, that’s why. This time, we picked out a long video for you to get all crazy about – it’s well worth the time. Here are some quotes to get yourself all cheered up. How about something about wealth?

“If you want to be wealthy, all you have to do is associate.”

Now, how about some truth-telling?

“Progress comes when you tell yourself the truth, and you’re able to feel the uncertainty and take action anyway. The thing that stops us is always fear. It’s no surprise – fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of the unknown, fear of not looking good. And then, that fear we could translate into the simple thing of uncertainty.”

What about how to make it all happen in life?

“All we do is get people in a state of mind where you’re going to follow through, face your fear and do it anyway.”

This probably sounds pretty great to you, and luckily Tony Robbins has got plenty of intelligent things to state in the following video. Go check it out right here:

Happy Friday, folks!

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