Friday Video Pick – Jeffrey Pfeffer on leadership bullshit

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The 29th Friday in our Friday Videos series has finally arrived, and this time we have picked out this video for your entertainment, inspiration and relaxation time. Join us in watching this awesome guy having a chat on leadership BS. Then go chat about it with your friends and family. That’s the first step of making this planet awesome, are you with us?

Oh, get ready for an awesome dude to talk about leadership BS and the real thing. In this Talk at Google, Dr. Jeffrey Pfeffer doesn’t waste the slightest word on crap, but delivers line after line with actual, useful content.

He wrote some books. For the one he’s speaking of in the video, he describes the process like this:

“So I wrote the book because I was angry, which turns out to making writing the book much quicker. You know, you’re in motion, emotion, motivation – whatever. I am constantly frustrated by a combination of things.”

Is the group and individual gaining from the same things?

“Look, so if we were to take, so to take an extreme example: If someone were to roll a live hand grenade into this room, what’s good for the group is for someone to throw their body on it. But that’s not what’s good for that individual. And that there are many ways in which what produces individual fitness and what produces the best outcomes for the group are not aligned.”

How about making a career happen? How to do it?

“Take them seriously, believe the message – You’re responsible for you career means that you need to take care of yourself.”

How would you go about in doing that?

“Part of what I think distinguishes good leaders, good managers, good people, is intellectual curiosity.”

Does this sound like an awesome talk? That’s because it is – check out the full video over here:

Happy Friday, folks!

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