Friday Videos – An introduction of International Relations and Steve Jobs’ marketing strategy

Lucky number 13! This is the 13th Friday in our Friday Videos series has finally arrived, and this time we have picked out two videos for your entertainment, inspiration and relaxation time. Join us in watching these fantastic people sharing their ideas and dive into interesting discussions with family and friends. That’s the first step of making this planet awesome, are you with us?

Why would you need to know anything about international relations, like really? Because it’s absolutely vital to everyone who’s ever hanged out with anyone in an international context (Internet, eh?). International Relations is about much more than being someone boring, talking about boring theories. As you can see in our article series on the topic, this subject is pretty important to normal people around the world. In your daily life, what influences you and determines what kind of information you will choose to process is due to what’s going on internationally. Why? Because “international” basically means “happening on this planet” – and you’re happening on this planet as well. Your choices, actions and relationships happen here, here on earth, and they affect and are affected by various factors.

This is why it would be awesome if you took a short moment to watch this video about what the field of International Relations actually includes and try to relate it to yourself and your everyday life.

Now, once upon a time there was an amazing man called Steve Jobs, you might know a little bit about him. In terms of marketing strategy, his ability to capture people and tell a story was beyond awesome. This man could market basically anything and make us all feel like this is what we want, what we need and what we must have right now. His passion, visions and determination along with his strong character and willpower was the starting point of a new era in marketing. Watch this very short video with him as he explains his marketing strategy – so simple, beautiful and inspiring.


Happy Friday, folks!

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