Friday Videos – Why creativity is important with Sir Ken Robinson and findings from a happiness study with Professor Robert Waldinger

It’s almost-Spring already and the 14th Friday in our Friday Videos series has finally arrived. This time we have picked out two videos for your entertainment, inspiration and relaxation time and the topics are quite awesome. Join us in watching these two fantastic people sharing their ideas and dive into interesting discussions with your family and friends. That’s the first step of making this planet awesome, are you with us?

We’re all aware of the importance of creating good schools for kids – they spend so much time in that place so it might as well be interesting. Think about your own time in school, what memories pop up first? Was it the awesome math lessons? The intriguing history classes? The hours of fascinating biology insights? Maybe, but unfortunately not that likely. It might be (as for the majority of people) the regular memories – a never-ending story of boring, undeserved prison penalty simply for being little. Add to that, the overall idea of creativity and actual development as being the worst possible suggestion for any teacher and you just created the average school. Now, there’s this one man called Sir Ken Robinson, who has dedicated his professional career to make schools a happier, creative and more including place for children and in this video from Al Jazeera, you will hear much more about that:

Now, no matter if you’re a kid or not-really, a happy life is something of great importance to everyone. A good life, one in which you are free to do what you love to do, have your family and friends around, enjoy the rights of a human being on this planet and create, create, create (remember – doodling is also to create). How do choices people make affect the outcome of their life situation? What choices are actual, conscious ones and which ones are those that somehow find their way into people’s lives? Think about it, because it happens to most people at some time in life. In this TED Talks talk, you’ll find out what Professor Robert Waldinger who has studied happiness has to say about all of that:

Happy Friday, folks! 🙂

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