Friday Videos – Dr. Libby Weaver on Cavewoman Biochemistry and Tony Robbins on the Power of Choice 

The 11th Friday in our Friday Videos series has finally arrived, and this time we have picked out two videos for your entertainment, inspiration and relaxation time. Join us in watching these fantastic people sharing their ideas and dive into interesting discussions with family and friends. That’s the first step of making this planet awesome, are you with us?

Have you thought about the fact that we, all of us, as a species, aren’t really that much different biologically from the time when we lived in caves? Modern life has brought about several fantastic discoveries, evolved our homes and cities, developed new knowledge and formed awesome sciences. We’ve come a long way in many ways, and yet everything isn’t shiny and lovely and that world peace thing isn’t happening at the moment. Although we have no idea if that will ever happen, at least we could try to make some changes in our personal lives, in order to find biochemical peace. Dr. Libby Weaver speaks about this beautifully, so prepare for a moment of awe and discovery:

Now, as you have been prepared to look at your life differently and question some choices which we all take for granted, the next step is to look at that thing – choice. What do we actually choose? Does something “just happen” from out of nowhere? As ridiculous as it may seem, have a good look at your own life and the level of happiness which you’re experiencing. That level of happiness is a choice, isn’t it?

Tony Robbins describes the whole concept of choice and manages to directly relate it to all decisions we are making to the conscious mind. When you understand that whatever it is that you are currently doing is indeed a choice, then suddenly your eyes open up to the many opportunities of choosing something different. Those things in life which aren’t great at the moment, isn’t there a much more fulfilling way to invest all of that time? Sit back, preferable with a pen and paper, and watch Mr. Robbins’ awesome talk.

Happy Friday, folks!

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