Getting all attached to old belief systems

Old ways of thinking are outdated for a reason

Ever found yourself debating things concerning proper behavior in certain situations with someone who refuses to see any other perspectives than the ones he was thought by some old person? Despite new, better information being accessible and clearly indicating that new models for acting in a specific situation might be much better, this doesn’t at all seem to affect the way in which the solid mind of this guy works. Is it annoying, much?

All societies have developed ways in which to function as a group of people. In all of this, many of these models are aimed at directing its citizens, the human beings, inviting them to reason in a certain way which would support and maintain the current state of that given place.

This might include a certain cultural preference, recurring events, religious ceremonies and moral guides, political views, all of which also include descriptions of the bad things. The latter includes all other forms of beliefs and manners as being, if not really bad then certainly a bit less great than the current ones in the society where you happen to live.

What a convenient coincidence, isn’t it?


Be it religious or not, people have a preference of believing things to be true

Now, this would be a solid way to manage people had it not been for the access we’ve all got to each other. Once upon a time where there people had to rely on state reports and large media houses news, the job was much simpler. People didn’t travel as much, they didn’t have real-time access to what’s going on all over the world. They simply had no other choice than to take some things for granted.

But then, there were people in each society who simply couldn’t buy the very selective frame presented to them. Some of them got into the world of technology, developing communication tools for people to gain freedom, they themselves having access to investigate things if they found it necessary.

Yet, not many found that appealing. This is because societies are constructed in a particular way due to appeal. It’s quite attractive for the larger part of any population to hold shared values, to have common beliefs and attend the same events. It’s supportive, protective, comforting – that’s why it works.

Not only that, but it’s fantastically constructed so as to free people from responsibility. The talking part of live takes over the acting part, and the pattern of routine takes over the concept of reasoning, questioning.

On an individual level, many questions arise. Many people found themselves caught up in a weird thought pattern where their individual freedom to think is restricted. Those are the ones raising their voices and leading uncomfortable discussions moving society forwards.


What’s up with this attachment situation?

Being quite simple to put forward critique towards some of the clearly weird parts of societies and their marketed mindsets, there’s also the safety aspect of the group being taken into consideration. We’re a social species, we thrive on interaction, communication, on gathering and sharing things in order to collectively gain more.

Anything or anyone coming from the outside and trying to scratch on the surface of these (perceived as solid and safe) models of life, will meet opposition.

Again, because the perceived safety of having a group to ask for help, creating things together and comforting each other goes straight into the primitive parts of our minds. This is a tough questions as we all today have access to other people and other perspectives, seeming to work just fine.

This whole idea of constructing a society with the absolute need to ridicule and dismiss all others is cracking big times and people who aren’t aware of these various models for managing a population feel fear and anger about the whole thing.

Things seen as common interests are being shook up by new influence, only to realize the very fact that other people are people too, their former societies having shaped their worldview as well, their values and beliefs being questioned too.


Sorry to break it to you – The comfort zone doesn’t exist

The point of it all is that this perceived place where all people get along simply because they state that they do, doesn’t really exist anywhere other than in people’s minds. Stating to dig into this big mess of contradictory values and funny morals would be a job for scientist, but as it seems – people are going to have to handle it themselves.

“Man is not a circle with a single center; he is an ellipse with two focii. Facts are one, ideas are the other.”
― Victor Hugo, Les Misérables

This could go in two directions – either people decide to criticize their thinking, their own beliefs and models for life, or they don’t. If they do, the very outcome is unclear, but at least we will create a new set of questions to ask ourselves, in order to create a better planet.

If, instead, the latter happens, then we’ll have a group of leading figures insisting on going backwards, to some mythological society in which their particular group of people are the chosen ones, the leaders.

This is both a question for the individual and the group. It’s not pretty, but ignorance hasn’t led us to anything great during the past, ever. Through critical thinking we get down to business, trying to describe and solve the issues which currently make our lives more difficult than they should be.


Gaining more from being a little less stiff

What’s more to be said about allowing oneself to be more open-minded, facing inner fears and trying to figure out from where they really come? Is it a legitimate fear in the first place? Is it directed towards a solid “source”? How should that particular fear be removed and is it reasonable to think that any of the “threats” are really that?

Attachment to something currently perceived as safe, and the automatic detachment from those things which aren’t, is a pain in the ass. One thing is clear – it is not the thing itself towards which we’re attached that is the problem, but the very concept of attachment as it is defined today.

If we all chill out for a second, sit down and try to map out why some of the current systems, patterns of thought or whatever, aren’t fitting reality, that would be a great start to figure out an alternative.

People who enjoy referring to old systems as being great may please feel free to do so, staying in a state of fantasy life forever. For the rest of us? We’ve got to figure out a way in which to enjoy this planet in a good, constructive, happy way – it’s about time.

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