Did you hear about the Pilot enabling direct, live translation?

There’s an awesome new thing in the tech world happening for communication

How amazing would it be to have a live chat with someone, IRL, simultaneously speaking two totally different languages? While understanding each other thanks to a teeny little tech device translating every word you say, live? Imagine the possibilities – talking without borders, wouldn’t that be awesome? If you think so, you’ve got to check this out.

For a new product like this, there’s really no need for small talk. What would you say if someone told you that you’ll be able to have conversations with interesting people from all over the world, while you both speak to each other in different languages?

You would smile politely and slowly walk away from there, hoping that this mad guy wouldn’t follow you. Now, the writer is a girl and the product does exist IRL, it’s a real thing. The Waverly Labs are to thank for this awesome possibility, soon enabling people to chat endlessly without worrying about the language thing.

Three Colors

“The Pilot is the world’s first smart earpiece which translates between users speaking different languages.” – Waverly guys

Human beings have evolved communication tools since forever, to enable interaction and to advance the way through which we get to know each other. Some of the revolutionizing products and technologies were not only changing the way of interaction physically, but also in terms of time.

Imagine having to send a letter to ask someone if they’d be up for a coffee next Thursday? No. Thanks.

Recently, as the internet came along, yet another revolution in communications was initiated. As this has led to even quicker and easier tools for communication and interaction, it also emphasized serious issues that people could ignore in the way-back-times.


The language factor. Sure, translation tools got online, freshly updated and upgraded to translate website texts pretty smoothly (hey, at least you get the point when you read them) but as we also got the opportunity to chat live with people from all over the world – that technology wasn’t enough.

Even more so, the IRL issues of communicating with people when traveling remained, although online translation enabled a somewhat easier basic interaction process. Add applications for smartphones to that mixture, and the process of interaction became even simpler.

“The Pilot is designed for the international traveler and includes a second earpiece (used together for wireless music streaming), a battery charger for additional charges on the go, and an accompanying app to download and toggle languages in the earpiece.”

However, there are still some big questions to figure out, among them the real-time conversation translation, the accuracy of translating slang and the potential misunderstandings when something gets translated in a F up manner.

These guys seem to have thought about this and as they are launching their new product and technology soon, it will be more than awesome to follow the potentially huge potential disruption in the communications field.

Important to note is that these guys didn’t want to create yet another piece of audio tech, but reasoned in a completely different way as they decided to develop their product, stating

“Other ‘hearable’ companies are developing smart earpieces capable of fitness tracking and audio enhancement, but we’re committed to bridging the gap between language barriers.”

It’s potentially a chat without borders – can you imagine the potential awesome outcome from this technology? Not only from people who like to travel, but for creativity in general, for international relations and for building relationships with people. The potential is beyond huge.

This is awesome, be sure to follow these guys – we sure will.

Red Pilot

*(And by the way, this is not a sponsored article – we just love this thing!)

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