Debt restructuring can also be carried out with a loan calculator. The mortgage calculator calculates the numbers behind the dream of your own home. Only those who know this can effectively illuminate one offer after the other with a loan calculator. The dream of owning a home is at risk. Thanks to low interest rates, many people are still able to pay for their own homes more easily than in times of high interest rates.

High rents, low interest rates: time for your own home?

High rents, low interest rates: time for your own home?

The time to invest in a property appears cheaper than ever. Savings banks and other capital investments bring little returns, rents rise, but interest rates fall to a low – everything speaks for the home. But is shopping really always worthwhile? But especially in the big cities of Germany the inhabitants are no longer easy.

The rents for a Berlin apartment have risen by almost 30 percentage points between 2010 and 2015 and by just under 25 percentage points in Munich. Turbo apartment tours with many interested are no longer a rarity – the way to the Tragwohnung requires the farmer a lot of staying power and the necessary luck boost.

Do not rely solely on your fate, but also finance your own home. With our mortgage calculator you can find the best mortgage for your home: That’s one of the reasons why Germans dream of owning their own home. According to the market research institute forsa, 81 percent of Germans would like to live in their own home.

The timing looks good as interest rates on loans are at a low level. Because interest rates for saving have also fallen to a historic low, their own property is proving to be a profitable investment opportunity. The lending rate can hardly be cheaper and will therefore tend to rise again in the future – which will make the construction loans more expensive again.

Anyone who buys a property is independent of the renter’s quirks. In addition, the client has freedom of choice and freedom of design over their own four walls and no longer has to complain about unsightly floors or inefficient radiators that the client does not want to change at all. In any case, there is enough space in one’s own house to live out one’s own lifestyle.

Whether rent-free life in old age, heritage for future generations or the increase in value of a property to be sold – a home transported a safe and stable self-image. In order for the investment property to be converted into liquid funds, older people also have the option of a life sentence. The idea: You sell your property, but have the right of residence for life. Maintains the right of residence.

The buyer pays the agreed purchase price in regular installments and will be accepted as a new owner in the cadastre. With this, the elderly have improved their boarding house and can live in their own house for the rest of their lives, but no longer have to worry about the responsibilities of an owner (renovation, maintenance, owner meetings, etc.).

Although the promotion of a house takes many years,

Although the promotion of a house takes many years,

It has a real benefit from the first day: In this the landlord can live. But to enjoy all the benefits, the owners must pay attention to a few things. Because the acquisition of a property is not without risks.

For example, acquirers can not assume that their property will gain in value. The result is that the rental and purchase prices vary considerably from country to country and the price per square meter for a Munich residential complex is five times higher than in Gelsenkirchen. Munich is also one of the cities where purchase prices are particularly high in relation to rents and where life for rent is therefore the cheaper.

At the locations in Mainz, Rostock and Braunschweig, the square meter price for a condominium is below the value assumed on the basis of the rental index, so that an acquisition has more effect here. In addition, there is the danger that in a few years, the equipment of your own home can be considered outdated and always worthless. The one who thinks about the purchase of a property should be aware that in addition to the purchase price further expenses arise, such as the land transfer tax, notary fees or the maintenance costs, eg for building services.

Although it is no longer absolutely necessary to take own funds, it is still advisable and lowers the interest rates. If your home is to be used as a retirement fund, it should be paid promptly until retirement, and the terms of the financial plans should therefore be carefully selected. On the other hand, besides the monthly rents, clients need not worry about the expenses incurred.

If the chemical industry disagrees with this or the residents, residents can act relatively quickly, while buying a building can take months-not to mention the risk of loss. In general, residents can more easily and quickly adapt their housing situation to their living conditions. Only if the landlord is convinced that he will live in the same place for ten years or more, it is reasonable to own a house.

In addition, the client is spared a variety of office work. For the tenant, it is important that she takes care of the bureaucracy. Additional expenses, which the clients can save, as well as the visits to the house bank should be renegotiated, eg due to financial bottlenecks. The owners must also be aware that although they live in their own homes without rent, but recurrent fees incurred, such as the property tax.

The amount is calculated among other things according to the real estate value

The amount is calculated among other things according to the real estate value

Thus, the rate of assessment in Berlin is currently 810 percentage points, and a home equivalent to EUR 250,000 would be based on an annual base fee of almost EUR 7,100 or EUR 600 per month.

Wealthy communities usually charge less in practice, in Munich there are 535 and in Stuttgart 520 and Frankfurt am Main 500 but also less real estate for its price. Rent increases on the one hand and property tax nuisances on the other side of the street – and not only therefore the decision whether life for renting or the acquisition of a property pays more, not generally to fathom.

In addition, there are considerations regarding the location, the establishment and the financial viability of the property. No matter if the acquisition of your own house makes sense, each prospective customer has to decide for himself on the basis of different aspects. If the planning and the financings have a solid basis and all uncertainties have been taken into account, there is much to say for the purchase. Because the value of a property is large and sustainable.