How creativity can make you happy

Does creativity make you happy, and in what way?

Imagine a rainy day, you’re on your way to a meeting. The only thing you’re thinking about is how you could have moved this meeting to another, un-rainy day. You can feel your feet getting soaked and just when you’re about to start getting really upset, you notice a little spark of sunshine in the sky. It makes you stop, breathe. As you breathe, you start noticing how beautifully the rain falls down on a nearby tree, and you see how the water drops seem to jump on the streets as they fall down.

We call that creativity, yet it’s straight up psychology.

How many times haven’t you found yourself stuck in an idea for a long time, without feeling like there’s anything you can do to change the situation? And how many times has that resulted in frustration and very little things getting done? Too many to count, we suppose – but it all comes down to taking a moment and just start over.

You can choose the way you approach different circumstances in life, and creative people seem to be able to catch those moments of changed perspective. Having an open mind, an openness to the outside world and the opportunities about to unfold.

This example of a rainy day is just one of many frequently occurring situations where you really do have a choice – to sink in to negative thoughts or see new opportunities, new ways of seeing. It’s not at all a given, and depending on what choice you make, the level of creativity will definitely also be affected.

Does creativity make you happy, and in what way?

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