Are you into hybrids? Expect them to multiply fairly quickly

Borders are for losers – we’ve gotten nothing but problems when insisting of keeping out influence from ever mixing with our own mindset. Without new input, it’s not very likely that we’ll be able to create new output, making influence and constantly being open to new ideas critical. Luckily, we’ve got “the line” now, enabling people to communicate and get inspired, influenced and motivated by ideas from “all the way over there”. What does this really mean though, and why does it have awesome potential?


You meet them everywhere – they have this thing which really great diplomats had way back in time. They make you feel good, like your opinion matters, like your ideas matter, like you matter. They listen and they actually try to understand your point of view. They are the ones having some knowledge but always being prepared to change opinion if learning something new, in a conversation somewhere.

You know them, it’s the people who you see deal with a situation pretty nicely, those who do not need to act like assholes in order to bring forth their power, but do so in a calm manner, in a way where all parties come to an understanding about things.

It’s the person you notice when you’re walking in town, treating all people with respect, not de-valuing someone simply because of their appearance or ethnic/financial/whatever background, but finding a common place for everyone. Where everyone belongs, a spot of humane mindset, the good kind, the honest and true kind, the kind you have to look for to find.

It’s the one actually sharing the universal values which to many people today is only an abstract concept put on a piece of paper somewhere far, far over there. The set of values of which everyone speaks, but walking the walk is yet another story. Despite, it’s not all black and white – for some people the tolerance level for bullshit is far much higher than for others, and when the ones with a low level of that act, you notice it. You can feel it, because their emotional state really penetrate yours, they influence you in that very moment whether you expected it or not.

Oh, snap.


But it’s the truth. Unfortunately, these are rare people. Fortunately, it’s about to change. What makes people understand our basic human value as beings living on this planet, is experience as well as reflection. As we’ve got plenty of great opportunities to gain experience through various forms of interaction today, we’ve got one little thing to do and that is to start reflect on things that we’ve all learned in a certain set of frames, rules and restrictions.

Considering the fantastic amount of recent mistrust issues that have come up in rather many countries around the world, this could be a signal of that reflection being initiated. More and more people understand more about those frames, the rules and the restrictions – some of which have directly created a whole bunch of conflicts that we’re now trying to deal with on a local, regional and global level.

Where do hybrids happen? They happen in those people who understand some things about those restrictions of all forms, and once they know this – they are free to understand more about themselves. Are they representatives for a nation, a paper, or first and foremost themselves and their values? The answer seems simple but then again, so are the previously mentioned values yet not many people really walk that walk.

Once someone understand that they are themselves first and all other things second, they are invited to understand what that means, what their identity includes and excludes. Soon, when interacting with other people, it becomes pretty clear that everyone could get along fantastically well if they are communicating from that very point – themselves.

It sounds simple but it is quite intense, and for those who choose to go for it and start reflecting on the big questions in life, a hybrid identity will soon emerge. For them, their country of origin, cultural background and religious belief (or lack thereof) won’t be signed up to represent everything that they are, but they will actually understand the very little (but not less important) meaning that those things have in relation to the basic human being as a social being.

The potential coming from more people being curios enough to start reflecting on these things are amazing – imagine a world in which we stay away from bitching about even the smallest thing, enlarging it to unbelievable sized conflicts. Imagine a world without that and then start working on it.

Do you reflect on these things and if yes, how did they change your worldview and view of yourself?

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