Interview: José Guilherme S. Brandão


Name: José Guilherme S.Brandão

Where do you live: Mogi das Cruzes, São Paulo, Brazil.

Currently working with: Art

When did you realize that you were going to work with this?
I decided to work with art in 2008 because it was always what I wanted to do but for which I didn’t have financial means. It took time and effort, but it really satisfies me.

If you could choose one place only to live, where would that be and why?
Right here where I live in my house because I am close to my daughter, I was born here and I like the lifestyle.

How would you describe your creativity?
A spontaneous creativity, interesting and weird at the same time, it’s a great mystery to me.

How and when did you start to work with this in a serious manner?
In 2007 when I got in touch with the art dealer Ricardo Barradas, I saw the opportunity to develop my artistic work in a professional manner.

What do you do at the moment?
Today, I own a collection of over 700 works, realizing that there was a great creative revolution.

A recommendation for those who think about starting and running a creative business?
Never give up. Here in Brazil it is very difficult, you have to have a lot of will, believe in yourself and have some luck.

Tell us how it all started.
I started when I used a micro point pen, it was fantastic, I was still very new and it woke me up to this interest in art.

What is the most important thing in a workplace/studio for you?
The mess, peace of mind and good music.

What is your favorite film?
Pink Floyd The Wall.

Who would you like to invite for a dinner and why?
My daughter because she loves to eat and is the most important person to me.

What is luxury for you?
I do not like luxury of simple things.

What is the nicest compliment you’ve received for your creative work, and from whom?          
The best compliment I received was at Fort of Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro where I was awarded in an art hall. The man praising my art was Marchand Ricardo Barradas. And also my working partner who has also given me great compliments on my creative process with principles of genetic criticism.

What do you fear most?

What is a happy life to you?
I live it.

What does a regular day look like for you?
Everyday. I don’t like to think about tomorrow.

Tell us about your dream project.
It is to be recognized as a professional and for people to see my work.

Who is your professional role model/inspiration?
My great master Van del Wiel – a sculptor and painter from whom I had the opportunity to learn painting and drawing techniques.

How would you describe your work style (academic field or fashion style, or both, or something entirely different)?
I consider my work as an artistic trend of geometric abstraction with freestyle for my thoughts.

Which is the one thing you can’t live without?
My hand-rolled cigarettes.

What inspires you?
Life. Details. Small things.

A book that has changed/made the most impression in your life?
The Awakening of Magic.

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