Interview: Julio César


Name: Julio César

Where do you live: Fortaleza, Brazil

Currently working on: 03. MZ09

When did you realize that you were going to work with this:
When I realized that I didn’t know how to do anything else other than drawing hahahaha.

If you could choose one place only to live, where would that be and why?
Australia! The weather is pretty similar to the one we have here in Brazil.

How would you describe your design:
Fun and colorful! XD

How and when did you start to work with this in a serious manner?
I started helping some friends finishing their projects and little by little I saw myself working with illustration full time.

What do you do at the moment?
I’m a Freelancer Illustrator and I’ve also launched my own online store!

A recommendation for those who think about starting and running a creative business?
Turn your ideas into something real, with no fear of failing.

Tell us how it all started.
I really don’t remember how I actually started it all, but it was in 2010 that I painted some commissions for a friend of mine who works as an illustrator as well.

What is the most important thing in a workplace/studio for you?
I think it’s nice to have good equipment, a proper place and to have creative and cool people around you that you can trust.

What is your favorite film?
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Back to The Future (the whole trilogy!).

Who would you like to invite for a dinner and why?
All of my friends that live far away from me (that would be a feast!).

How do you like to spoil yourself?
I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I recently started going to the gym and I’m trying to have a healthy eating, but I have to admit that it’s been real hard to let soda go.

What is luxury for you?
To be able to travel anytime you want, to eat on the best restaurants, to live a life with no big worries.

What is the nicest compliment you’ve received for your design, and from whom?
I don’t remember, but I always get really happy when some artist who I admire likes or compliment something I did.

What do you fear most?
Death and to be forgotten.

What is a happy life to you?
To be surrounded by the people you love and respect, to have projects on their way and all the bills paid, hahaha.

What does a regular day look like for you?
My daily routine is drawing and making new projects, I go to the gym to take my mind out of things for a while and back on drawing.

Tell us about your dream project.
To animate some of my characters. That would be a lot of hard work, but someday I’ll try.

Who is your favorite designer?
To say only one is really unfair, so I’m gonna say the most important ones to me: Greg Capullo, Jamie Hewlett, Glen Keane, Kôji Morimoto and Milt Kahl.

How would you describe your style?

Which is the one thing you can’t live without?

What inspires you?
Movies, music, TV series and so on.

A book that has changed/made the most impression in your life?
It wasn’t exactly a book, I was more like a comic book: Spawn #50. I was a boy and I’d never saw anything like it, those colors, Greg Capullo lines… I saw all that and I thought “I want this for me, I want to do this, be like this!”.

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