Just end that software program you installed in your head

Do you remember being a kid and loving all things fun? Running around and looking at the world as this awesome cool place in which everything is interesting. When you met people, it was fun – and you made friends easily, in playing around. When meeting adults, the categorization was pretty easy – either they were cool or not cool at all. The ones with the baby language and speaking to you as though you were a dog were the most pain-in-the-ass-y people, you know them. Now, WTF happened since then?

Oh, how fucked up are you?

No, seriously.

Imagine a world in which you had fun. All the time. In this world, not only did you have fun but you had fun because your time wasn’t wasted on BS things. You know it, it’s the sort of events that nobody knows why they’re doing, yet they keep doing it.

Like reading the news instead of reading books about society.

What does a news report tell you? Two things – something happened somewhere, and to which political sympathy the news source subscribe.

You couldn’t possibly live without that now, could you?

Then, you’ve got applications making sure to keep you updated on events which you don’t really, truly care about. Because, you know, if you actually did care, then you would look someplace else for information.

The kind of information where someone has had a good, hard look at what is happening in whichever field you’d like to know more about, and then put it down on a piece of paper. Or any other form of media.

Other people’s opinions are great to get involved in as well, but there’s got to be some sort of measure here. Donuts are great, but should you have 200 of them in one sitting? And while we’re at it, are they really that great or do they serve some purpose of yours?


Exposure and distracting yourself from minding your own business

Excuses are great in life, but some of them are dressed in weird clothes making you think that everything is normal. A regular life today includes a huge package of bullshit and that often leaves very little to no time to sit down on your favorite chair and reflect a little.

The trick is to do this more often – and the usual excuse to not do it is lack of time. Lack of time because it’s being wasted on BS, which you then use as an excuse for not getting anything done. Well, you get a lot done indeed, but none of what you really want to do.

Isn’t that the case?

This pattern often goes beautifully in line with the way in which to create stress, leading to getting done even less of the boring things, leading to more stress and then finally it’s on. Taking a few days off to get back to normal, maybe sleep a little, while maybe not thinking of work of anything else.

“Get that bad shit out and keep the good stuff, that’s the way to go.”

Being in that fully and completely fed up state of mind may not feel great, but it does one great thing and that is inviting you to get off the “have to’s” and the “must do’s” of life and try to relax. Suddenly, not reading the news 24/7 isn’t such a big deal, nor is it a big deal to know everything about everyone online.

That’s what distractions do best. They distract not only from life itself, but from realizing that they are distractions in the first place. Unless you’re a social media researcher, you don’t have a legit reason to be there all day and all night.

As with everything else, over-consuming whatever you think it is that gets you going won’t be getting you anyway other than to that state of continuous, useless excusing. Excuse from not living life, excuse for ignoring your real thoughts, dreams and ideas – all of that. Throw it the F out right now.


Upgrading this baby and making sure you’ve got the latest software on

By now, most people having been involved with any form of technology lately are pretty in line with upgrading various systems on a regular basis. You upgrade your smartphone, your computer, your tablet, music player, applications and so on. Even your TV software is being constantly improved and upgraded, and nobody’s bitching much about that.

Yet, the most important machine we’ve got is left all alone – your brain. Yes, it gets some action as new information is gathered, as reasoning happens and as physical exercise occurs. As new input is given, through reading awesome books, watching a movie or having a chat with someone, the brain gets some motivation to process things and connect new dots.

Our old memories are constantly evolving, fusing with new data and getting rearrange as time impacts the level of relevance for an event, behavior or simple thought.

Sometimes, this little asshole likes to normalize that which is not normal, despite being well aware that in the long run, a certain behavior might prove to not be great at all.

What’s up with your current system? Did you have a look? Has it been upgraded lately or did it just get along with new, convenient habits and ways of living? If it’s the latter, then you might want to join the club because there are millions of people with the same old software.

Just as adults were once kids, they might clearly remember the shift they went through, even the very moment which got them from the state of “kiddo” and into adulthood. That same type of big shift has happened quite some times since back then, yet those aren’t recognized as being as relevant.

Although highly impactful, the shifts in software upgrades with huge faults in how to deal with the variations of life, we’ve all done it. Some realize that what’s wrong isn’t they themselves but the sets of values and habits they’ve caught along the way.

Get that bad shit out and keep the good stuff, that’s the way to go. That’s how you get to the upgrade, by removing the crap code and installing new, fresh numbers. If what you do doesn’t fulfill the way in which you’d really want to live and do things, then that’s argument enough to change it.

Install a new software.

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