Learning from fellow creatives – the power of asking  

Learning things by choice is probably one of the absolute most fun things to do, and there’s no limit to that kind of fun. Many subjects, ideas, perspectives, professions and other things can awake such an interest so that you just have to go find out more about it. Like right now.

Being in that state of mind is amazing, and especially today when there are so many easily available sources of knowledge. Even better is the possibility to connect with people who know so much about that particular subject of interest, and get first-hand knowledge and advice on how and where to find the most extensive and profound information. All you need to do is ask the question.

Learning from fellow creatives is giving because they often enjoy sharing their knowledge and really making sure that you understand what they are talking about. They don’t hesitate in giving a whole lot of themselves if they see that there is a genuine interest for what they do and know. You can learn so much more from their stories and then combine that with your own experience and knowledge, to develop something new.

There’s also the context in which questions are constructed – who are you asking this question and what kind of information do you expect to receive? Is there maybe another, more indirect question that you can ask in order to more successfully find what you are looking for? As mastering to ask questions depends on the time reflecting on the underlying questioning techniques, there are no limits to how great they can become.

Have you actively asked questions to creative people who you admire?

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