A logical paradox – When someone else tells you how you’re feeling

The extent to which this crap affects you and international relations

Thinking is hard, but what’s even harder is noticing when that belief of being in a thinking state of mind is reduced to a belief only. That’s when shit hits the fan. Put in a more eloquent language, it is in this very moment before realization that you and all people are prone to listening to other people’s theories about things that aren’t their business.


Why do we enjoy to do paradoxes so much?

People are rather funny beings and many times in life, a paradox is what happens to the reasoning. Suddenly, you’re in the middle of a tough, high-intensity workout but you’re still indeed muching on a big donut after the whole thing. Or, you’re not a racist, but…. You’re not a feminist, but…. You’re not in favor of people spending their lives playing video games, but…. And so the story goes on.

One of the most fun paradoxes to which everyone from time to time subscribes, is the one on lying to oneself. Yes, you keep telling yourself that you’ll learn another language, but not lifting a finger (or, pronouncing a vowel) to make it happen. But, you’re still confidently telling yourself the story on being in the process of learning a language.

Of course you are.

Then there’s the other big lie on being awfully busy. People seem to be busier than ever before – not having the time to relax, to do nothing, to stay off of the computer, to stop watching cute cat videos. That’s a big issue to so many people, to the point of leading to burnouts and severe stress reactions.

Following that, there’s the common consequence of sleep deprivation and using various medications (and caffeine) in order to try to stay awake – to be able to stay busy some more.

Paradoxes seem to make people’s lives easier, and sometimes that works out well for a while. An alcoholic can use the argument of not really being one for some years, but sooner or later he’ll figure out that this is what he actually is. When the energy levels are emptied in lying to yourself, that’s the moment in life where you’ll have to truly face yourself and all which that implies.


Belief in irrational things in political terms – Why are we pursued so easily?

Political parties and their members use the power of paradoxes in their favor, winning votes and getting the gift of running a country for a limited amount of time. The promises given to citizens, the arguments against voting for other parties, the choosing of a main issue to focus on and the serious amount of marketing done by these members is rather impressive.

Focusing on one important issue, like the schools and education in one country, is what could lead a party to win an election in a country, if the marketing is done well. This is determined by how well the party’s members are acquainted with behavioral psychology and social impact.

If they are good, they are able to promote an issue to people in such a way that they feel the instant urge of changing things, this thing in particular, and will therefore be more and more susceptible to influence from these guys.

Like a perfect circle, potential voters will then accept further elaboration from this party about this particular issue, leading to one point in which they will solidly affect people’s emotions. This is to say, suddenly, you’re as passionate as ever about the educational system in your country – never mind that you haven’t ever been into it at all before.

Or the oil market.

Or the refugee crisis.

Or the urgent lack of cheese in shops in a small town somewhere in your country.


Connecting all sorts of dots to all things paradox

International relations is funny business. At times, when things doesn’t seem to be anywhere close to great, some head of state somewhere will insist it on being very much great indeed. In other cases, the opposite will happen and you’ll hear that despite feeling great about things, everything’s basically shit.

In this total confusion, normal people are caught up on that thin line to which some refer as being what separates madness from genius. Are you to believe what you hear or what you see, how you feel and how others around you feel?

If you’re friends with someone with brown hair (and you’ve got red hair), then you’d feel really mad about a third person coming up to you and telling you how you two aren’t friends at all. Because whatever. You won’t buy that, but most likely will end up using bad, bad words to let this weird ass person know where to kindly go.

It’s not a ridiculous example if the example is put into the right context. As many people today laugh about the propaganda machines (and how people could buy into all that crap) before and during WWII, simply reading a little history will make you understand how far from ridiculous any of that was.


When you’re told what to think

Imagine if some asshole like that ran your country. What would that look like? Well, you’d hear that the current deficit isn’t occurring because of political incompetence, but due to refugees, tomatoes, tingly sensations in sensitive areas or simply complicated math stuff.

That’d be weird and totally impossible, right?

Imagine then, that as you are being told what to focus on by different political parties in your country, there are other things, other issues, just lying around. Maybe there are thousands or tens or thousands of people in your country that don’t have access to enough food, yet you’re being told (and believe) that the main issue for your country is whether you’ll build a new railway station or a new national football arena.

This is a bit ridiculous too, isn’t it?

Then, you may even be told that the reason your country needs to get out of a regional union of some sort is because of all of the refugees, never mind the other thousands of benefits gained by being in such a union.

At times, you might even be convinced that the main issue of your life has something to do with religious or ethnic differences, not the fact that your house is in desperate need of renovation, or that you need to fix your car. Or your emotions.


There are so many ways in which to fail logic

As you can see, the fascinating amounts in which to fail logic are impressive. Not only that, but they occur regularly and most human beings are susceptible to falling into that path of reasoning quite frequently.

Whether it concerns political, national aspects or international relations, personal issues or relationship concerns, there’s no limit to the number of times that people find themselves splashing around in a pond without realizing what they’ve been doing for so long.

Logic is a big part of life, especially the part of it which is successful. Failing this impactful method of thinking, failing reason, is what keeps assholes on the political frontier, and it is what distracts people from their own life problems and right into some bullshit.

Someone else may take the right to define and let you know how you feel, but at the end of the day you’re in charge of making the final decision – to buy into it or stay away from all of those attempts.

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