News: Upcoming Wednesday series starting off on May 20th! 

Next week on Wednesday, May 20th, we are starting off with our new, big, 8-week long article series – “The Color of Things”. The theme for this series will be a set of emotional states and how they affect creatives, both negatively and positively.

We know what reality looks like – every creative person experiences some form of negative emotion at times. This is important to acknowledge, talk about and put into a broader perspective. Highlighting negative or destructive emotions doesn’t have to be negative in its presentation, nor does it have to be communicated solely through one perspective.

With this series, we hope to touch on quite a few of these emotional states, their impact, and what brings them into balance. For every negative mindset, there’s at least one positive to meet it, to challenge it and to transform it.

We’ll walk together and explore these states, in a positive milieu and with constructive methods for communication. Join us on Wednesday, May 20th! 🙂

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