Polarization – WTF?

Wouldn’t it be fun if someone just explained it all in English?

Polarization is occurring in so many fields and current aspects of life that many people really should consider to take a chill pill. Opinionators spread their views all over the place, and this in combination with limited knowledge lead to only one thing – polarization. In the best of cases, this is a temporary occurrence happening during a limited period of time, but then there are those other times when that’s not the case. Read this article series to find out more about the whole thing on polarization and why it’s relevant to you.


How polarization affects the current migration crisis

As you know by now, variety is great and nobody would ever want to live in a world where all people agreed on everything. Debate is healthy, and so is disagreement. However, when disagreement is strategically placed or invited for, in order to create or strengthen a conflict, that’s when things get shitty.

Since people, citizens of [insert country name of preference] get certain preferences that come along with a citizenship, it’ fairly easy to create a story in order to connect two dots together with that citizenship at its core.

Too much BS?

Have a look: You’ve got that fancy citizenship and currently enjoy living in a country where everything is solid. Let’s say you were born in that very country, so you pretty much take many things for granted. Everything works, so why would you think about it?

Well, as the world is a pretty dynamic place, you suddenly find yourself in a situation where issues arise – not in your country, but in other countries. That’s not too much of a big deal either, but as things get shitter abroad, it will start affecting other countries, yours included.

That’s when certain extremist groups start getting louder, as they now do have the perfect opportunity to accuse the current ruling party in your country of being an asshole. All that they’ve done is created all this mess which you didn’t want yet you’ve got it and now there’s only one party who really cares for you and it’s those extremist guys.

Now, misunderstand this correctly.

All extreme groups do this, there’s no color or sign or particular political orientation to blame more than any other. All assholes which choose to exploit the human concept of fear in order to create problems, lying to those people by assuring them on some BS potential future fairytale nation – they are all part of the same assholery mindset.


Extremists have always enjoyed using tools for separating people

You know it, they’ve done it since forever. Using regular people, working long and hard to influence them negatively, has always been the choice of preference for asshole extremist groups. They recruit through manipulation and gain support in times when international issues have gone out of hand in being described as “manageable”.

The very point, often erased from all debates is the one on never actually being able to manage a situation. International issues, as national as well, do include a huge set of promises, ideas, personal interests, lost data, fabricated numbers and strategic political moves which aren’t all set on the table for everyone to see.

This is always the case, even when there’s no major issue to bitch about. The very difference between “always” and when there indeed is an issue to bitch about, is the power shift towards extreme groups. Not much is as comforting as someone giving you a tap on the shoulder, letting you know that everything is going to be OK.

Especially when that special someone is a mythological figure, a hero popping out of nowhere solely for your good, to make your life better. Because he and his friends with funny signs and jackets really got this sudden urge to care for you. You in particular.

Because of your hair, your wage, your genetics, your religion, your gastronomic preference or whatever.

Suddenly, you start making sense out of someone telling you stories about the world and who’s taking your welfare away from you. It’s the simple picture. The embarrassing, ridiculous, infantile picture. But in order for you to understand the big picture, you would’ve wanted to do so in times of calmness as well.

It’s the circle of life right there, or better – the circle of polarization.


A new wave of polarization forming online?

The easy-explanation preference to all things complex has gone out of hand online as well, only confirming the attraction that simple-minded solutions have to people in a state of fear. In one single sitting you can get introduced to so many white supremacist, Che Guevara lovers, vegan fighters and religious evangelists of all sorts – you’ll start to question humanity.

They know the truth because someone told them, and they’re here to let you know that either you’re with them – fighting for the universally right mindset – or you need to be converted/educated/killed.

It’s the methodology concept of a rock, with the intelligence quota of a door and a stick combined. With an impressive level of passion and a rock solid determination to change the world, these heroes are going to tell you what you never knew that you had to know. For your own good, of course.

In all of this delegating, educating, purifying and perfecting, they will also introduce you to the power of blaming others. Being scientific geniuses as they all are, they will not hesitate to bring you sources to legitimize every statement they make. Never mind that those sources include some angry man’s blog, white pride fora, documents from some non-existing professor, and a whole bunch of he said she said crap to go along with the “data”.

Online communities have gained so much support in the past years, so that institutions are now really working on finding ways to investigate their activity. These guys now discuss operations, ideas and make plans via social media platforms, appealing to regular people through social media campaigns and free ebooks.

Nothings says,

“Hi I’m sincere and would like to give you, the center of the universe, a free gift with no catches”

like a PDF packed with information. Because you’re special and nothing’s ever your fault.

The new wave of polarization taking place online is even better than this regular one – it recruits regular people in helping them spread their propaganda. Covered as “REAL TRUE INFO”, people feel the responsibility to spread it, to be on the good side of things and to make free speech happen for real.

Whilst ignoring all that is free speech, all of that which aims to solve current social and political issues. Furthermore, the impressive total ignorance of previous propaganda campaigns (communist ones or Nazi ones, pick one yourself) and the current similarities to groups of today operating online is fabulous.

Now, would you like to know what other semi-organized and organized groups do in order to counter-balance these polarizing extremists, and how that’s going for them? You will find that out, along with much more in the next article in this series.

We hope that you’ve found this text to be awesome and if you did – check back in next Monday when we publish our third piece in this article series! Oh, did you read the first one?

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