Why political correctness is potentially dangerous to democracy

Is standing in line a good thing, a bad thing, or both?

As most people today, you may be one of those individuals observing your surroundings, wondering what the F is going on. For some folks, this is a rhetorical question. Yet in times when our culture consists of a high level of self-censoring, stupidity and defining what is very right and very wrong, the shift from rhetorical to actual is needed more than ever. What the hell is going on here?

What is political correctness and why’s everyone obsessing about it?
According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the definition of being politically correct is

conforming to a belief that language and practices which could offend political sensibilities (as in matters of sex or race) should be eliminated

In other words, being offensive through commenting on sensitive issues of any kind is incorrect and thus seen by many today to be inappropriate. In regards to the current migration crisis, a statement being even the slightest bit of critical is reacted upon as an insult by the larger community.

Just a few years back, believe it or not, things were a lot worse. Nobody even thought of highlighting anything upsetting due to the much more restricted media space. Online forums and private chat rooms compensated for the lack of public conversation and as the interest of these somewhat shady communication channels grew, so did the mainstream reporting start to pay more attention.

From shady to mainstream – Building blocks with words
As the public space opened up for a wider broadcasting of public views in the early 2000s, an opposition had been evolving alongside this newly accepted way of communicating. In order to confront people with was seen as alternative views, the then mainstream actors did so through silence.

In the best of all cases, some viewpoints were broadcasted and analyzed through a very narrow-minded perspective, neglecting whole matters of interest. Using arguments referring to ideological blindness, xenophobia and cherry-picked cases in their defense, the opponents saw the verbal fight as a case of momentary confusion soon to be over.

Well, then these incorrect guys got mainstream.

Since everyone’s got the self-proclaimed right to get offended by basically everything, this has created a whole new framework for debates on issues of relevance to our time. Shortly after the offensive voices were welcomed into the mainstream world, they wholeheartedly went for their 15 seconds of fame.

Today, in basically every news report there will be at least one politically incorrect representative debating the correct one, the former hiding under the umbrella of being the underdog.

What’s even more interesting is the passionate dedication of both blocks to do anything in their power in order to highlight the massive differences separating them. And there’s no shame included at all – the many suffering heroes, victims of our time, greed pouring through their veins as they scream innocence, purity and defense.

If you ever wondered what the narcissism of small differences looks like in practice – there you have it.

Grabbing every opportunity to ridicule one another, being offended by opinions, thoughts and views, demanding special treatment because of this and accusing everybody except themselves of being liars – this is what they both do.

The politically incorrect and the politically correct can’t live without each other and wouldn’t be able to persist, had it not been for this opportunity to be stupid and confrontational all at once.

And due to the high level of (quality?) entertainment.

Standing in line or taking a seat – That’s the question of our time
As entertaining as this circus may be, some people only like that specific aspect of the spectacle. The other group, the dreamers of a potentially successful future career as a professional BS-er is sparkling, them doing everything they can to get into the spotlight.

Luckily, we’ve got social media platforms waiting to give every professional debater a spot to trash the other part, whoever that might be. The admirable gesture seen on various channels, where geniuses-to-be endorse their respective verbal heroes wouldn’t even be more than that if it didn’t add more fuel to the fire.

For the entertained, there’s no better reality show than the ones including correct and incorrect political debaters, fully subscribing to the freedom of speech without taking any serious responsibility for what they are doing.

The difficult choice between becoming a part of this madness actively or passively observing as the story of our time unfolds, is one of the most important questions of our time.

This tremendous, huuuge and important decision many people have already made, indicated the level of reflection and enjoying limitations more than open-mindedness. At least there’s no discrimination – both groups do it with the utmost dedication.

Why is there a risk of b*tch-slapping democracy?
This current madness of groupings around two very similar concepts, combining it with passive-aggressive rhetoric, threats and apocalyptic scenarios is not a great idea. Many people thrive on the fear and anger of others, something which could potentially lead to a real-life conflict. In a democracy, many people tend to forget that they do not only have a right to speak freely, but that this right implies a few important obligations.

If the emphasis on debating or not debating issues is only referred to as a right, then the obligation to bring knowledge to the table, with reason, openness and integrity is threatened to be ignored. In a democratic society, this poses a direct security threat to our very existence and this is why political (in)correctness is not only ridiculous, but also dangerous.



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