Zofi Credit has joined the group of companies that offer same day payday loans online. The lender has met the expectations of its clients and has reduced the formalities to a minimum, so you can borrow up to 20,000 from him. PLN from RSO 0% without leaving home. How to take a cheap loan online at Zofi Credit?

Request a payday loan online same day cash now

Taking payday loans online same day cash is easy and intuitive. they are very quick. All you need to do is go to the lender’s website and select the amount you are interested in (which is important – a maximum of PLN 20,000 if you want to fit in the terms of the promotion). Then enter your name, surname and phone number in the selected place, and then click the “I want a loan” button, which will automatically direct us to the borrower’s form. Filling it takes literally a moment. All that is needed for this is a series and ID card number and PESEL number.

To confirm your identity, we need a verification transfer of PLN 1. The decision to grant a loan should come within 15 minutes, and the money is sent to the customer’s account the same day! Quick loans up to 20,000 PLN from RSO 0% at Zofi Credit are comfortable, cheap and safe – as evidenced by the satisfaction of hundreds of thousands of customers.

20 thousand PLN without unnecessary formalities and immediately

20 thousand PLN without unnecessary formalities and immediately

Zofi Credit is one of the most recognizable and the second largest loan company in Poland. Since 2018, it has been offering a quick online loan that can be taken entirely online. More and more customers use this offer from month to month. No wonder, because it is a unique opportunity. Every customer who takes a loan online at Zofi Credit does not have to pay interest on it – RSO is exactly 0 percent.

Everyone who wants to take advantage of the offer should submit a loan application on the Zofi Credit website and wait for contact from a consultant who determines creditworthiness and on this basis can propose an ideal and cheap loan for each applicant. The online form is simple and intuitive. It doesn’t even require a customer’s signature, and thanks to an efficient verification system, money can be on your account even several minutes after submitting your application.

Zofi Credit focuses on the convenience of customers

Papers, forms, documents and millions of telephones – Zofi Credit says ‘no’ to these things. A company that has been on the financial market for 15 years now, as no one else knows, which torments all borrowers the most. Therefore, he reaches out to them a helping hand and offers them a loan with a minimum of formalities – so that no one has to waste time where it matters most.

The non-bank loan amount is spread over convenient installments, even for a period of 36 months. In addition, every customer can collect points on their account at the application stage. They give benefits of various types, for example deferment of installment payment, halving of two installments or total repayment of one installment. Additional points can be obtained for timely repayment of installments or recommending Zofi Credit to friends. These activities show a strong focus on customer needs, and this customer attitude is rare.