Sid Efromovich on speaking any language with 5 techniques

Since we’re all highly interconnected and enjoy being all over the place at once, using a multitude of communication tools and means to put forward an idea seems perfectly normal. Even better, so many people around the world understand it all, especially when speaking in pictures or emojis. Has languages become inferior to this new universal means for chatting or what’s happening to the world? Calm down, we’re here to explain it all.

Remember that time in school when you had to start learning a new language and, if you grew up somewhere in Northern Europe, you had three or four ones to pick from. So you picked one and then all grammar hell broke loose. Hours and hours of your childhood was wasted (also referred to as “invested”) on writing verbs in all possible and impossible forms, only to be able to say the simplest phrases possible after four years of this madness. Did it make anyone smarter? Did it give you highly advanced skills in Spanish (example taken out of the blue)?

Take a wild guess and see what answer pops up.

No, no it didn’t, and do you know why? Because nobody emphasized interaction, and interaction is where all the talking happens. Practicing grammar isn’t. It’s not. Only because of that selective teaching strategy, kids choosing to learn a language because they found it to be interesting, pretty quickly on changed their perception of that language into being a giant pain in the ass. Week after week this pain-in-the-assery got strengthened and confirmed, creating mad little monsters dreaming of getting as far away from learning languages as possible.

Isn’t it fun how people teach kiddos to hate a subject, themselves then growing up and missing out on plenty of fantastic meetings with people. That thing should be criminal, and luckily things are changing for the better in this world now. There has never been such a huge interaction between people who, although they don’t speak the same language, understand each other completely.

Shout out a big “thank you!” to the world of visuals in all of their complex simplicity. Sharing photos, videos, visuals, funny yellow faces, moving things and all other things non-language bound, they’re amazing because they show the beauty of interaction, you know that one being completely lost in schools.

Like Justin brought sexy back, so are visuals bringing awesomeness to language back.

Quote us on that one.

As this has happened, the love for languages is finally free to grow independently, leaving ass hole school structures to grow tinier, limiting their space of influence. All of those people who have been kids at some point but aren’t anymore, are now also free to see the beauty in languages and interacting once again. This is awesome.

As his love has gotten reintroduced to people, a whole new set of questions have arisen, one of the big ones being how to actually learn a new language without the bullshit. There’s this one guy called Sid Efromovich who appeared on TEDxUpperEastSide a while back, beautifully explaining how to learn to speak any language with five simple techniques. He has recognized that there seems to be a pattern here and there, so instead of wasting time with bitching on about grammar and verbs, you could learn things and then invest that other time in interacting. Or could that be the whole point after all?

Interact with people from all over the world with visuals, creativity, love and emojis. And right, watch this video with Sid Efromovich and get started with the fun part of learning languages:

As you can see, languages aren’t going anywhere. The only thing that has happened is that people today have a much better chance of getting familiar with great reasons to learn a new language. And now, they’ve got the right tools too.

Have you experienced someone taking the fun out of learning languages? Did you bring it back? 

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