Summary – 7 words and why they should matter to you

A while back, we did an article series on the 7 most important words we think are affecting people worldwide. You’re surrounded by words, they’re everywhere! In our daily lives, much of our understanding of the world comes from combining different words into sentences, then sentences into meaning – meaning gained from structures and incentives. Therefore, we have created a short summary of this series for you to enjoy, together with links to the full articles. Enjoy!

“Think about it. Even spending one second of your time thinking about which of your dreams are impossible or not, or how high on the impossible scale you should grade what you’ve already achieved – why would you even do such a thing? Reflecting on restrictions means the scarcest resource of all being thrown away in a spiral of bullshit, and that hasn’t been proven as productive in any research so far. Other than for time-wasting, in which case it is probably the most productive thing to do, along with nagging about why things aren’t as they should be, how wrong everything is or any other negative aspect of preference.”
On Impossible

“Depending on your own mindset in that specific moment when you are dealing with one sort of input, one set of data, your response decides the outcome. Now, if you have had a great day so far, and thought about a lot of positive things, then the data by which you are approached or are approaching, is very much likely to be great. A cup of coffee is perfect if it’s morning and you can’t blink properly. Some sort of data on biochemistry is also quite useful if you’re working within that field, or have an interest in things related to the subject. Even if you met someone interesting who works with biochemistry, this meeting itself could have created a positive association in your mind, making you want to know more about this newly found interest.”
On Diversity

“How many times did you find yourself attending a conference or some sort of talk, just to maybe get the chance to have such a conversation? Although the odds are against the possibility of an informal talk actually happening, at least there’s indeed an actual and real possibility to share a few words, exchange a moment and connect a little. The absolute best outcome from these shorter semi-formal conversations is to connect and make an impression, maybe attract that other person’s mind to the point that you get an offer for a meeting, or that this other person accepts yours.”
On Conversations

“Creativity is a big word. An important word with an even more important meaning to a lot of people, many of which haven’t quite yet realized that it is precisely cutting creativity that is a big problem in their lives. If you’re not happy about your situation at work or even with your personal life, ask yourself why that is the case and how you would like it all to be. As you do this, you’ll notice that it has something to do with lack of freedom, to try new things out or to do things in a different way, and that’s all you need to know. It’s the lack of freedom to be creative.”
On Creativity

“You take control of what is influencing you. The most obvious example is this – by delegating a little less time to news reporting, and a little more time to reading about something that will help you to understand yourself better, or the world or anything really. Anything constructive, anything which will give you new or improved tools with which you’re able to excel. The time spent today on things that don’t help you relax could be put into much more giving personal investments – why not? Could you find even one legitimate argument against such a thing?”
On influence

“Are you aware of in how many ways you think of the future and spending your present moment on doing so? You’ve got that important meeting next month, a possible new business opportunity in seven weeks, a date on Friday and you’ve hired a serious personal trainer to make your fitness awesome. You’ve defined all of those things in the now, in the present moment, but with referring to what will happen in the future. That hot body, yes, you’re getting it ready until Beach 2016. Reading that book, yes, next week. Coffee with someone to talk about all of these future things, sure, let’s go now.”
On future

“Now, better up, imagine yourself talk about anything creative in your life in this way. Do you tolerate your creativity? Would you feel happy about anything if this was the case? If you simply tolerated the crap out of your own creativity? Wouldn’t that be wonderful, ideal? It wouldn’t. Then, why are people in general tolerating information to be presented to them in a tolerating tone? The underlying frustration built up underneath this massive wave of tolerance isn’t a joke at all, and the longer this word is present, the more serious will the actual questions become.”
On tolerance

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