SUMMARY: International Migration – WTF?

Wouldn’t it be fun if someone just explained it all in English?

Remember that we published an article series on International Migration a while back? We got some quotes ready for you to freshen up your memory about an important issue of our time. If you haven’t yet read this series, it’s about time you do so. Starting off with these quotes.

“What should be a warning in any and every respect is when you see loud assholes actually progressing. And we’re not even speaking of politicians. It’s the extremists, you know them – the ones insisting on speaking “the truth”, bringing “facts” to the people which have been hidden by the “politically correct mainstream media”.

Apologies, we didn’t want you to throw up there, sorry about that.

Back to the topic – international migration isn’t just about refugees and migration camps not working out well. It’s not only about the fantastically bad integration policies that some host countries have implemented, nor is it only about the fact that people who come from poverty and/or war zones, really very much need help – especially right after settling down somewhere.

Ignoramuses only want to point out a delicate selection of issues happening when movement occurs – they live on it and without it, they wouldn’t have a nice little hobby in life. Or as they call it, a duty to tell people the truth.”

– Read the full Part I here


“When you’ve got no control whatsoever over a certain event (or set of events) happening in the world, the easiest thing is to ignore reading up on it while criticizing any and every point made about it. Sorry, of course people with these attributes read too, but only idiotic propaganda which doesn’t challenge their views even the slightest little bit.

As you’ll see while researching right-wing, conservative material, there is this idea that before a certain event, we all lived in this ideal paradise, free from crime, conflicts and anything disturbing the peace. However, afterwards, when “they” got here, everything changed and now we’re turning our society into this useless, poor, uneducated, uncivilized bunch of morons.

Recognizing any of it? Probably, because this rhetoric is infecting the public space pretty badly.”

– Read the full Part II here


“Then there’s the paperwork aimed at further restricting the inflow of people if they don’t possess identification documents proving for what reason they are fleeing. Even writing this down here dumbs the internet down a pitch. The idea is that since current citizens aren’t too happy about the immigration as it looks today, some restrictions like this is a good idea.

Except this won’t help the people being restricted from entering a country, or the families being sent back into poverty and madness. Furthermore, it won’t at all be a nice marketing thing for the countries insisting on keeping these actions taken in an international context.”

– Read the full Part III here


“As noted, the past two years in particular, the madness surrounding how migration affects the western world and Europe in particular, has seen no limits. Relations between certain countries in this region have worsen and in general, there’s a slightly more angry tone in the regional conversation.

Even mainstream media has begun to flirt with the more right-oriented ideas, making a whole new face for total embarrassment, educating their viewers on how to think like a moron. Some groups have seen this as the perfect timing for establishing political parties placing the (carefully selected) migration questions as the core issue.

Not only that, but these folks have also created completely new connections between concepts of economy, policy, culture and society – adding some schizophrenia to make sense of the picture that only they are able to see. If it’s too much, even dangerous? We’ll have to wait and see, but currently it seems as though things are balancing on the verge of insanity.”

– Read the full Part IV here


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