Teaching ethics through creativity

Ethics is a subject that is often not given any particular value – at least not considering the amount of time spent in schools to discuss what that means, different perspectives in which it can be understood and how it can be applied to everyday life.

Not bringing this subject into the spotlight has its consequences – one of them being children not finding any reason to reflect on ethical issues at all, some of them never even introduced to them. How does anyone expect them to be able to solve any problems as adults without that knowledge? Discussing right and wrong also broadens their perspectives, giving them many views on one single issue and encourages them to see the complexity in words, thoughts and ideas.

Encouraging discussions in which kids get time to reason around ethics, to give examples from real life where ethics are involved and to get the chance to receive other children’s viewpoint on that same matter really needs to happen. Continuously. As they will be adults in an even more interconnected world, preparing them to be able to understand other people’s perspectives without judging is more than important. Nobody can get away from conflicts and misunderstandings completely, but why not lay the basis for minimizing the risk for those to happen when we have all the necessary tools?

Enabling situations in which children can reason on ethical questions in a creative wayalso builds a relationship between creativity and constructive ideas, perspectives that can change the world for the better. And this planet could use a hand in that department.

Do you encourage your kids to reason on creativity and ethics?

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