Ten best this and ten best that –Here’s why emotions don’t work that way

All emotions are important, personalities are important, preferences likewise.

Have you ever read one of those listings aiming to rank top ten best this and that? You must have, because they’re everywhere. As far as certain technical skills are concerned, such a list may be quite good, even useful at times – finding the best restaurant or a good hotel, or maybe suggestions for the most interesting places or ideas to try out.

However, as soon as emotions, personal skills or attributes are defined in such a list – trying to rank one over the other – it all gets a bit tiring. How is ten emotional skills “the most important”? What about the other thousands of emotional skills that need to exist in order for these ten to be able to evolve? What about the underlying personality and preference required for these ten emotional skills to ever happen? What about the surrounding circumstances that need to be in an encouraging way for the ten emotions to freely develop into a beautiful flower of accomplishment and utopia?

No, that’s not happening. All emotions are important, personalities are important, preferences likewise. For creative people, highlighting top ten emotions you must have for a successful professional life is like creating a computer with one key. Or using only one color for all your art, or only diagnosing one disease as a doctor, or only doing one thing as an entrepreneur, or only singing one song as a singer, only teaching one model as a teacher/professor – You won’t get much done with that, will you?

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