The interview project – why we do it

We don’t need to make up stories – because we are authentic.

It’s been almost two weeks since we started our interview project – sending interview requests to creative people all over the world to tell their story and show how their creativity shapes who they are and what they do. The first week of interviews has been fantastic, so much inspiration and uplifting stories and advice – beautiful people giving their time to let us get to know them and their work in a little more personal way.

The response has been (and continues to be) beyond what we could have ever hoped for and we are so grateful for and happy about that. We have people sending us cheerful and positive compliments, there’s a huge variety of interviewees and you will be up for a surprise when you see all of our upcoming posts with creative and talented interviewees.

In the meantime, we would like to tell you more about why we do this, what’s in it for us and for all of our creative interviewees. So, here we go.

Why do we do this? We started this project because we think that there’s no other place for creative people to share their stories – there’s no such platform, so we decided to create one right here on Creativeroom4talk. There are so many creative people out there, with different backgrounds, dreams, jobs, ambitions, ideas and stories and we aimed to bring them together – to be heard, to connect with people and to receive the appreciation that they all truly deserve.

We hope that our readers find inspiration here, that they learn more about creativity and that they get inspired to never ever stop being creative. We hope to give them positive energy through our articles as well, making their doubts and insecurities go far away and stay there.

What’s in it for us? We at Creativeroom4talk are very happy to provide and create a magazine like this and it’s an exciting challenge with many opportunities to grow and spread these beautiful interviews with our positive attitude to a broad audience. We are creative as well, and this project beings us new challenges and opportunities each day. We are able to invite people to this who we admire, we receive many new sources for inspiration each day – that is what’s in it for us and we are very happy about that.

But most importantly – we’re never satisfied – we can always learn more, become better, improve and evolve. This gives us everything we need.

What’s in it for the people being interviewed? Well, with this initiative there are three main things that we wish to accomplish for our interviewees:

  1. We seek to enable a large meeting place to let creative people present their works through presenting themselves in a relaxed and personal way. This, we think, will lead to their creative work being connected to a real person and his/her ideas, thoughts and dreams – making our readers better understand the amazing effort and great love that their creative work is made of.
  2. We want to create an opportunity where creative minds can inspire each other. Whether we speak of artists, doctors, entrepreneurs, coaches, teachers or anything else – it’s about their persona, simple as that.
  3. We aim to continue with creating a platform where people from all over the world can find inspiration and broaden their network. We hope for them to find new ways of combining different creative specializations, creating even bigger creative opportunities together.

But this is not everything. With this initiative, we also hope to be able to further develop our glocal mindset, to make Creativeroom4talk better and reach out to more people, both interviewees and readers. To connect. To tell stories, real stories.

We want to be the magazine people visit and read regardless of their origin, profession, specialization or geographical location. The only common denominator uniting everyone who visits our magazine, is creativity. We are for everyone.

This is the first magazine of its kind and we hope that artists, doctors, teachers, entrepreneurs and everyone else will find something here – not only interesting and inspiring, but also practically useful.

We don’t need to make up stories – because we are authentic.

We will never compromise on our values and perspectives – because they are real.

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