The moments of meaning are often the smaller, regular ones – we like to collect them

If you try to remember a moment, a conversation, which changed the way you see the world, what would that be? Who told you that life-changing information? What did you expect from your chat in the first place? Maybe it was one of those every day, regular talks, for some reason turning out to be awesome? We all have them, it is those moments and chats in particular that spark creativity when you least expect it, helping to arrange the information, your thoughts and ideas, so as to become an actual creative product blueprint.

This week, we’ve had the amazing privilege of interviewing five highly skilled professionals and share their ideas with you. Here come some quotes from each and every one of them:

Colored with henna, tattooed or more rarely etched, the arts have always been the subject of metamorphosis both ephemeral and lasting, since the dawn of time, arms and legs were adorned with a large number of bracelets.”
Maria Francesca Batzella

When I was a pastry chef and was given a creative challenge and would study my elder’s work (master pastry chefs all over the world) and get inspiration from them. There is also a lot of techniques to learn in our profession and I learned them from my teachers and chefs.”
Alain Braux

After that I worked as a consultant on micro-enterprise development and NGO partnerships for many international NGOs. I was also a Fellow in Residence at the Yale University Program on Nonprofit Studies.”
Dr. Julie Fisher Melton

After 4 years of writing anonymously about everything, I realized that I feel much better when I write. Furthermore, I realize that people like my writing, and this is something that fulfills me.”
Hana Kazazović

I discovered it was something I could do naturally, so I got some voice coaching, found an agent, and started on a whole new aspect of my career.”
Susan C. Bennett

We also shared 3 awesome videos with you which you can find right over here, as well as the next great advice on making creativity and a winner’s mentality work out perfectly, this time shared with you by David Girard, Ghada Youssef and Jessica Passman. Our top 3 social media tips on maximizing interaction online came from social media expert Mohamed Salah Helmy and we also shared our best advice on what you really need to for time management success.

Since we’re bringing International Relations back to the people’s table, we also posted an infographic for  you to test yourself – are you truly international?

For the upcoming week, besides publishing the final Creativeroom4talk ISSUU for 2015, we will have the fantastic opportunity to share five new interviews with you. These five professionals work within the field of art, international relations, business and writing and have pretty fantastic stories and thoughts to share. We’ll give you some more winner’s mentality advice, and some really great social media interaction tips. And a lot more.

Speaking of fantastic, did you read our first article in the new article series on 7 words? Curious about the first word? Check it out right here. Next Wednesday, we’ll go off with the second word which most creative people are faced with quite often in their lives.

But back to the ISSUU – Two more days until you’ve got the final, last and most awesome Creativeroom4talk ISSUU issue of 2015! Did you read up on our amazing featured article expert? This ISSUU will be something extra and we look forward to share it with you soon.

We’ve got a lot more news to share with you in the upcoming days so stay tuned and enjoy your Sunday! 🙂

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