The Quote of Things – Creativity and Talent 

“Creative thinking – in terms of idea creativity – is not a mystical talent. It is a skill that can be practiced and nurtured.”
– Edward de Bono

There are thousands and thousands of skills that are absolutely amazing, highly attractive, at times very useful and sometimes mostly fun. For the last part there, showing off really bad skills is probably the best way of creating a lot of smiles. Which is a great ability and takes a lot of skills in itself. Likewise, being able to do anything good, well and exceptional is based on the capacity of thinking creatively – which in itself demands a set of skills to be developed.

All over the world, throughout our existence, creative thinking is what has made the human kind move forward. It has enabled societies to thrive and it keeps doing so today, interactively so today. In practice, this means that there is an interconnected international platform on which creative minds with different skills can connect with other creative minds, and together explore new perspectives from which great ideas can grow. Up until recently, being able to connect with other creatives was a unique privilege and it required many specific circumstances in order to be realized. And that was just to get to the initial phase of creativity and innovation.

Talent, on the other hand, is what happens when you put your mind to it, and go all in into making your dreams come true. In practice, this means that if you are interested in making the world’s best sustainable car, you would have to sit down and learn everything about cars and sustainability. Everything. Ask people who work with cars to be your mentors and ask them a thousand questions. Then, connect with people who can tell you about sustainability, read online, ask them for advice on how to proceed. Get yourself a car and open it up, understand every little part of it and of what it is made. Then research the cars on the market that are said to be sustainable and figure out what exactly it is about them that is sustainable. Note that down.

Contact businesses who provide the materials that you need to create a prototype. Tell them what your ambitions are and ask for a meeting (or Skype if you are far away from each other). Let them know that you are serious and how much material you would need for your sustainable car. Do that with all of the businesses providing what you need – it can be 50, 70 or 200 businesses. So do that. Then go figure out what you need to get funded, and off you go with your plans and dreams. What decides the level of success is creative thinking, including all of the skills needed to accomplish and realize your specific ideas.

Realizing that creative thinking is a skill, or a set of skills, is probably the most important thing to do today in order to grow, in order to produce great ideas and in order to realize dreams and wishes. It is the one sole factor which determines where each creative mind’s career will turn, how many goals they will be able to accomplish and how much talent they will be able to create. Knowledge, open-mindedness, curiosity and positivity to mention a few, are attributes and skills that must actively be nurtured in order to make great things happen.

Those skills required to create a talent mentality, are what all creative people can achieve if they make the decision to do so. In a highly interconnected world and with so much access to knowledge, choosing to do just that seems like a fairly easy thing to do. And that’s when the fun starts.


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