When your values get kicked right in the nuts by “experts”

Is your opinion neglected by someone with a shiny paper?

Have you ever been in a situation where your opinions didn’t matter, simply because you didn’t have a fancy educational background? Lacking that shiny paper gets some of those individuals holding one to go completely ecstatic, especially in places where hierarchy is still a thing. Every argument is won by default, but really – how degrading are these academic titles today?


Academic papers, titles and generating knowledge

Once respectable, academic papers are today highly questionable. There are two main reasons for this situation: The first is the fact that most educational systems (higher education) are standardized, to suit what was a “rapid pace” in the 50s. We’re not in the 50s anymore.

Secondly, and even more important so, is the fact that many individuals holding higher degrees in various fields (both social and natural sciences, to a much lesser extent the tech ones) are taking sides even before graduating.

In plain English, this means that the folks attending universities today do so to confirm their own standpoint in a question, not to explore and investigate issues with an open mind. Not everyone, but the rotten eggs are stinking more and more. Simply looking at the way in which a doctoral degree is written, the formal part for the framework) tells everything.


But they wrote studies and articles and all of that…?

As writing (and especially getting published in a respected journal) is a crucial thing in order to receive a higher degree today, there is naturally a lot (!) of writings out there. Articles, references, words, papers, dissertations, more words and more articles – all carefully categorized and searchable whenever you feel the urge.

In order to write those things, the most important part is the look. Yes, it needs to look like a paper someone with a degree would write. So, synonyms, a lot of quotations and references, a militant framework and no room whatsoever to hold any original thought will get you far.

It has been made so obvious, to the point of someone actually creating a postmodern essay generator where these solid pieces of …….. are created automatically each time you refresh the page. If ever in need of an intelligent topic to discuss with your Doc friends, that’s the place to look for inspiration.


Values chewed and spitted out by postmodern systems

Using big words to create scientific report is all good, and having a shiny framework is more than beautiful, really. However, the issues begin where the openness of a mind ends, which in this case usually is right over there in the question section. That is, when you ask these people something even slightly critical, they will go bananas on your ass.

First, you obviously didn’t understand the research paper that they wrote. Obviously. Second, your question is irrelevant in its pure nature, because Doc said so. And third, since you’re not as educated as s/he is, it’s more than legit to dismiss your whole existence, including everything you say.

Jokes aside, this is actually occurring in many circles where hierarchy is even a little respected. That is, the kind of hierarchy determined only by the amount of shiny papers in your possession, never mind your actual knowledge base.

Even better, if you by any chance are one of those people with values, who respects and holds them by your heart, then you’re even worse off.


Current pseudo-values BS crap and insincere authenticity

Oh, you know it all – when someone gets pissed off to the level of going at you personally. It’s next to surprisingly interesting how susceptible these people are to a little curiosity from “the mass”. Whether in personal conversations or in public debates, people who find their self-worth to be connected to their perceived amount of knowledge don’t take critical comments lightly.

Even more so, some of these educated folks do enjoy to be noticed and thus do everything they can in order for it to happen. The opportunities are endless, with corporations and political parties always in need for experts to prove some sort of qualified point. In this case, when critical views are presented, the experts dismiss and ridicule the unwanted views with the backup of significant actors.

How great is that?

Suddenly, anything could be the truth and the whole truth, without much opposition. Yet, as the latter grows, it can most definitely and once again all be dismissed through the power of “shiny paper”. That’s what most of today’s authenticity looks like today.


Dealing with assholes and their claim on values and knowledge

The question anyone should ask themselves is how to deal with these people. If you’ve got a shiny paper with a title yourself, then that’s basically the only thing you need to shut these people up. But if you don’t have that, then simply doing everything you can to avoid starting discussions with those folks is a great idea.

Since values and logic isn’t to what they subscribe, trying to engage in a chat and using those tools won’t get you in a solid position. It will most likely create an un-nice sensation of “get-me-out-of-here” thoughts and a little passive-aggressive notions added to that.

So, what is there to do? Choose the people you’d like to hold a chat or debate or conversation with wisely. That’s about it. If we’re talking a public figure trying to make false knowledge legit in order to sell an idea or a product of some sort, then use channels in order to indirectly (not in person) show that this guy is wrong, big times.

This is because shortly after that, as people notice, they will make the decision to dismiss that expert talk themselves, thereby putting that pro genius in an inconvenient position. Which will (hopefully) be followed by a resignation and withdrawal of all of that produced “knowledge”.

As far as your values (and knowledge) go, well, you know what you hold closely to your heart. There’s no self-proclaimed expert in the world, no “fact-based knowledge”, no shiny paper and no amount of Retweets whatsoever that could and should change that. Only you yourself.

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