Want to go to the dark side of the web?

Exploring the amazing depth of the online world

As more people transfer their lives from IRL to online, it might be an awesome idea to get to know the web some more. Most people can count the amount of frequently visited websites on two hands, but how about the rest of it? What about the huge network of coding that creates a depth of multiple dimensions online? Check out this series if you’d like to know more about what the deep web is all about and why you might want to stay updated about it.

Everyone’s heard about the web, the internet – it’s where many people hang out, like pretty much the coolest place to be. Now, this space is really constructed into very complex networks, codes and data.

This structure enables us to make websites, profiles, to research and find data, and to interact with each other. However, since it’s a complex structure, as we do our daily routines online, it all happens on a rather shallow level of internet.

Walking into the deep web is another story.


The deep web – How to reach it and what to know

This is the part of the web that isn’t indexed, meaning you won’t access the content of those sites through the usual search engines. In order to get into this world, you need to know a few things:

  • Reaching content on the deep web could be a great experience
  • Use tools for anonymity like Tor
  • There are tons of sites accessible to people, with a huge variety of content
  • You might find a bunch of bullshit there
  • Getting started can be tricky, but if you’re curious, you’ll figure it out pretty quickly

The deep web really is more like an unfiltered, anonymous place for people to freely discuss whatever they’d like to discuss, without giving away their identity as we are all doing while surfing on the “normal” web.

Some refer to this part of the internet as a way of true democratization, enabling the free speech to the fullest, without interference from cookies and crap mapping out your behavioral pattern online.

Others point out to the less sincere and weird part of the deep web, even to the extent of naming this side of the dimension “the dark web”.

Others point out to the less sincere and weird part of the deep web, even to the extent of naming this side of the dimension “the dark web”. This due to its at times criminal content, naming pedophilia and trafficking (including drug trade) as two main points of concern.


The deep web and conspiracy theories

Let’s get the party started. Ever since its big boom on the online network, the deep web has been a source of all sorts of conspiracy theories. Everything thinkable has been discussed and debated over at the fora available, anonymously and freely from interfering with everyday life.

As on this non-anonymous part of the web, these discussions tend to heat up pretty quickly, producing a whole new language of nice phrases and kind words related to mothers, family trees and conducting “business” so to speak.

The great part about the deep web is that it connects people insisting on anonymity. Why is this a big deal? Because the rest of the online activity isn’t. It’s not, although some people would like to think that the “incognito” mode is equal to freedom of expression.

And, of course, freedom for research.

Imagine that you enjoy to read what people feel in any particularly sensitive question, whether morally or politically. Despite not sharing any of these views, getting access to other people’s mindsets is pretty much priceless.

As is being on the other side of that interaction, freely sharing some views that might never otherwise have been shared in the consumer part of internet, or IRL. This is a process of education, a moment of enlightenment and freedom of speech.

Nevertheless, it is also a goldmine in terms of access to researchable data, not to mention the raise in skill in terms of linguistics. Words you never thought existed are being created as you’re reading this sentence – how awesome is that?


International crime and the deep web

As previously mentioned, there’s a bunch of somewhat fishy business going on in some parts of the deep web. International illegal trade has been a hot topic in some of these fora, especially when speaking of giant, sick assholes networking and conducting their business.

However, it’s far from reasonable to draw the conclusion that the deep web in itself is a big bowl of highly criminal people freely doing whatever they wish to do. It’s not.

But as in real life and real societies, there are spots here and there consisting of those assholes behaving as their distorted brains find legit.

Did you enjoy this article? If you did, stay tuned for next week as we connect the deep web to the field of international relations as well as the mystique aspect of this intriguing place!

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