Want to go to the dark side of the web?

Exploring the amazing depth of the online world

As more people transfer their lives from IRL to online, it might be an awesome idea to get to know the web some more. Most people can count the amount of frequently visited websites on two hands, but how about the rest of it? What about the huge network of coding that creates a depth of multiple dimensions online? Check out this series if you’d like to know more about what the deep web is all about and why you might want to stay updated about it.

Will the deep web continue to serve as a criminal freezone?

Well, first of all, it’s not the deep web but the dark part of that deep web which currently serves for a broad variation of criminal activity. From selling illegal drugs and services including assassination to filming murders, rape and supporting pedophilia, some fora in this part of the web is beyond what words could ever describe.

This area invites the complete disgrace of humanity, the small part of which are the vicious, mean, disgusting and worthless criminal individuals. In January of this year, Hackread wrote about an FBI operation in which the tech guys investigated the Tor browser, leading to catching thousands of pedophiles.

In March, Security Affairs wrote about an analysis by TrendMicro, in which they outlined the ecosystem of the cybercriminal underground communities. Unfortunately, there are six huge ecosystems currently active in the deep web, located in North America, Japan, Russia, China, Brazil and Germany. The analysis indicated a strategic cooperation between groups from within the various ecosystems, supporting and enabling a broad range of criminal trade opportunities.

As countries do emphasize the importance of investigative projects online in general and within the dark web in particular, there’s a good chance for criminal associations of various sorts to start shivering. Especially those involved in trafficking of people, that’s a rather sensitive subject and one for which the common public has no tolerance whatsoever.

As opposed to drugs of all sorts, where there’s actually debates on whether the whole “war on drugs” initiation by the US and spreading to most western counties is actually making any sense. If this discussion turns out to be in favor of rethinking that project, then the dark web section involved in drug trade will get erased pretty quickly.


What assholes support the criminal activity in the dark web?

As IRL, the dark web is a small place within the online world, where a bunch of assholes hang out to trade and share criminal things of all sorts. The consumers are those which real societies are constantly trying to profile, and which the cultural world is highly intrigued by to portray.

People, those who aren’t involved in these activities, are exposed to these stories (at times on the verge of being mythological) where monsters are described in such a way that their human aspect is next to erased. A human being couldn’t be so far from doing something disgusting, dangerous, destructive and criminal, right?

What happens when these profiles are normalized, online or IRL, is that people aren’t prone to identifying the assholes conducting crimes in their neighborhood. Because they don’t look like monsters, they eat cake like normal people, they may have a dog, enjoy flowers, and/or live in their parents’ basement.

Sensitive as this topic may be, this is one of the reasons why as when a pedophile is caught by the police, having done tremendous damage to children, something which they will carry with them for the rest of their lives, the neighborhood is shocked. They couldn’t believe it.


The future of the deep web

Once again, keeping in mind that the deep web and the dark part of it are two different things, the future of the deep web could go in various directions depending on the dominant activity. If the deep web is used for open, free discussions on topics that current governments in some (read: all) countries aren’t too happy to chat about, then the future will be awesome.

Finally a spot of free speech, of ideas freely shared without being scared of being watched. As we’ve seen all over the world, where people have been fired because of their social media comments and Facebook posts, the deep web may continue to be the spot where your comments will be just that – your comments. No need for Papa Moral to point fingers and act a parent, thanks.

On the other hand, things may also get totally out of control. The dark web guys staying active, their activities continued to be realized IRL and the same level (or less) of criminal investigations being done could lead to the whole deep web getting into deep shit.

Collective punishment is highly popular nowadays, and there’s a slight risk of that thing happening to the deep web in the coming future. It’s a question of which side will win the battle – the people respecting free speech and freedom of expression, and those criminal assholes conducting what they call their business.

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