Are weekdays a reason to nag a lot or simply to be awesome?

How many times do you read news that is even trying to report anything constructive? It’s always a total madness on conflicts, crime, financial crises and politicians being politicians. What’s even to be expected from the consequences of being attacked by these destructive ideas all day long, but simple negativity and a lack of energy? Especially if you’re stuck in the office. Can you think of a possible reason for why this may not be a great hobby?

For many people working with boring things, any start of the week is a representation of what life should not be about and why. It’s most often also highly representative of bad communication, half-ass work assignments and overall negative attitudes. Now, who are these people who feel that their work is being restricted, boring, unfulfilling? The Creatives. Professionals of all ages who are stuck in a bad atmosphere of low self-esteem suits chewing healthy snacks and talking shit about their co-workers at basically any given time.

If it’s not crap-talking about others, then it is indeed a detailed discussion on the most recent news report on whatever that is hot at the moment. Refugees? They know all about them. The economy? Oh yes, bring them oil prices on! Neuroscience and plasticity? Amen. And so the story goes on and on and on, an infinite source of words thrown out in the air, with no requirements for depth or analytical elements whatsoever. Even better, co-workers are simply a detail in the big mash-up of sensational reporting, selective information gathering, highly biased Tweeting and the rest of this current madness of “data” and “statistics”.

Sorry to break it to you, folks – Creative people simply don’t work that way.

For them, a Sunday isn’t a bad pre-Monday anxiety in preparation, but a nice day in which to invest their time, creativity, happiness. Likewise, a Monday isn’t just another start of a five day long hell to come, but a chance to get in touch with awesome people, create great things, have a coffee and enjoy life. Anything symbolizing a new beginning, a start of something, a change – any of these things are welcomed and met with high expectations and curiosity. Just think about it for a sec – who’s the happy one in times of chaos? Who’s the somewhat-mad person coming up with thousands of solutions when everyone else is in full panic attack? Yes, the creative guy/girl at the office.

Working in such a negative environment, being surrounded by people who aren’t obsessed by the possibilities of evolving oneself but rather materialistically, short-term oriented is best looked at as a virus to creativity. The virus won’t kill it, but it will slow it down, make any creative process much more difficult than it should be, and it will have a negative impact on the end result. As children, creative minds are evolving through exposure to variety, the capacity to climb a tree, looking at a pebble and seeing a million different things, running around and imagining being up in the air flying. Everything about the imagination is awesome, every single thing.

Why is there a preference for negative, Armageddon-like, sensational BS news then?

Because they require no personal activity, this is a totally and fully passive activity, a little bit like passive aggressive behavior. You’re pissed off, but you don’t want to let it all out. Instead, what happens is this nice thing of keeping it all inside, and looking at the external world in order to confirm your own pissed-ness (it’s a word). So in the case of working in an office of bad attitudes, what happens is that these massive bad attitudes create problems that were never even possible, in turn leading to a bad, negative atmosphere. Human beings do that a lot sometimes.

Another apparent reason for why negative attitudes are promoted is that they kill the need for improving anything, instead promoting solid nothing, otherwise known as comfort or safety. This kills creativity, it kills progress and it surely also kills new ideas from being thought, even less so implemented. Non-creative people in general love that familiar tap on the shoulder and verbal diarrhea, while creatives look for all ways possible not to be included in such activity. The media’s choice to stay away from reporting constructive news, or limiting them significantly is satisfying the current need for this type of safety.

Imagine this – you’re watching the news and instead of reports on economic crisis, bombings, killings and destruction, the focus is on the human being helping some other human being. The focus is on making something happen, creating a team and going for it, to make a change, a positive impact. Imagine an interview every single day, talking to people who have made the choice to be creative over all other choices available out there, and who are describing that activity. Every day. Imagine that. Imagine what you could learn from all of those people, how they fought for their vision to come alive, how they along that way have helped others, how they have actually made a change.

Go catch the day, see each weekday as an opportunity to be creative, constructive and make awesome choices. Give the media a reason to present more awesome news. Why? Why not?

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